Skin cancer prevention

The Avène Thermal Spring Water brand is involved in several initiatives around the world:

  • prevention_solaire.jpgSponsoring the Day of Protection and Screening against Skin Cancer in France, Spain and Mexico
  • Partnering with the European Skin Cancer Foundation, which works to increase knowledge about skin cancer and support research projects in this therapeutic field
  • Creating websites in Italy and Spain on sun protection: and
  • Producing a copyright-free documentary in Spain on the importance of sun protection in preventing skin cancer called la Memoria a flor del piel” available on YouTube
  • Raising awareness on sun protection among children, using edutainment materials, primarily in Turkey

Smoking cessation

Pierre Fabre Health supports and develops a number of initiatives in this field, particularly in France and Portugal:

  • kit_nicostart.jpgParticipating in World No Tobacco Day
  • Developing the Nicostart website to help track smoking cessation
  • Supporting the Tabac et Liberté (Tobacco and Freedom) Association that works to provide information and education for doctors on preventing and ending patient tobacco use
  • Organizing conferences to promote interdisciplinary exchanges between various health professions and public awareness groups working in the area of "Smoking addiction in women"
  • Guiding and tracking employees who choose to quit smoking.

Prevention and oral hygiene products


 Pierre Fabre Oral Care designs a variety of tools and events in many countries:

  • Creating the Oral Care Coach and Oral Care Kids smartphone apps in Switzerland
  • Providing educational materials in schools, mainly in France, Bulgaria and Greece
  • Developing theatrical plays in schools in Portugal and Bulgaria to raise awareness on the importance of good oral hygiene


A French website offering free advice, information and services that enable everyone to become active participants in their own health prevention.

Atopic Dermatitis Foundation

The Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis founded by Pierre Fabre Laboratories designs and organizes educational programs and develops, publishes and distributes informative materials for practitioners, parents and children.

Our actions around the world

Switzerland - Partner of the Solmobile program

Pierre Fabre Switzerland has been a partner of the Swiss anti-cancer league since 2003. In 2011, it supported an original project called “Solmobile” that was aimed at the general public, involving an information bus on skin cancer prevention. From April 28 to July 2, 2011, the team from the Swiss anti-cancer league traveled across the country to inform people about sun protection and self-examination of the skin. At each stage, it allowed visitors to determine their personal risk of skin cancer and offered those with suspected pigmented skin the possibility of a free examination by a dermatologist on the bus.