Rhealba® Oat, a pioneer of plant-based dermatology

At the heart of A-DERMA, a pioneering brand in plant-based dermatology, is a unique and exclusive active ingredient, Rhealba® Oat, a product created using highly rigorous set of specifications belonging to Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise. This is a sustainable development process called EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) that makes it possible to obtain the greatest efficacy from a plant-based active ingredient while respecting the environment.


A journey through the Terre d'Avoine


At Puylaurens, in the heart of the Tarn, there is a place of rare, rich earth where Pierre Fabre Agronomy grows the Rhealba® Oat. This is the Terre d'Avoine, a place specially set aside for the oat. Fifteen years ago, here in southwest France, the exceptional dermatological properties of this pure white oat were discovered. Amid the fields of oats, A-DERMA has established a special botanical research area for the Rhealba® Oat in order to share knowledge among professionals. A journey of scientific discovery and immersion in nature that reveals the soul of A-DERMA. 

Rhealba® Oat for fragile skin


To guarantee constantly effective care, A-DERMA focuses on 4 major commitments:

INNOVATING through constant research and discovering that Rhealba® oat seedlings, 12-week-old shoots at the peak of their dermatological ingredient content, contain exceptional pharmacological properties with no detectable proteins (a patented system).

DEMANDING efficacy, quality and the utmost safety with formulas that minimize the risks of allergy and, where necessary, using DEFI technology to offer highly sterile care with no preservatives. These guarantees have made A-DERMA one of the companies most often recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians for over 30 years.

PROTECTING biodiversity with our own oat cultures using organic agricultural standards at a special location called Terre d’Avoine. And being the only company to have restored the Rhealba® Oat.

RESPECTING the environment and human life thanks to a development process entirely carried out in southwest France, from seed production to the finished product.

From oats to Rhealba® Oat


Originally there was the common oat, a plant known and widely used since antiquity as a food and for its medicinal properties, especially in the form of infusions for inflammation. Oats and fragile skin have a long history that did not escape Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist who was passionate about botany and a pioneer of skin cosmetics.

Organic oats exclusively from southwest France

Rhealba® Oat grows in southwest France, respecting the native soil. The Pierre Fabre Group is proud of its presence in the Tarn department. Loyal to this heritage, Rhealba® Oat is at the heart of research and cultivation exclusively carried out in southwest France, from growing the plants to distributing the finished products.

Rhealba® Oat seedlings


A gentle touch for the skin. Naturally effective and completely safe, Rhealba® Oat seedlings are at the heart of Rhealba® Oat. These young shoots contain all the power of the future plant and are even more abundant with rare active substances than the grains. At 12 weeks the maximum concentration of active substances, immunoregulatory saponins and anti-inflammatory flavonoids is reached. The concentration of active substances is so fleeting that the plants must be harvested precisely within a 3-4 day period. A brief moment of time that preserves the complete value of the extracts.

Maximum softness


To ensure complete safety, A-DERMA has adopted a flawless approach: choosing organic agriculture, seeking unmatched quality for its Rhealba® Oat seedling extract, and preserving the pharmaceutical rigor that is the mark of Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

But that's not all. Thanks to an innovative and patented extraction system, A-DERMA has been able to develop a plant extract with no detectable proteins (detection threshold: 10 ppm), which are a potential source of allergies or hypersensitivity. Though obtained from a simple grain, the Rhealba® Oat seedling extract has a uniqueness all of its own. And since the seedling is not consumed by humans, there is no risk of pre-sensitivity from food.