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Information System
May 2, 2019

Application Administrator DynAmics AX H/F

Your mission

The Group opted in 2010 for a new ERP for all its subsidiaries: MS Dynamics AX. Therefore, a central platform was created to host all the international ERP implementations. Several subsidiaries have been deployed in the AX2009 and AX2012 versions. In addition to that, the Group opted in 2016 for a new CRM for all its dermo-cosmetics subsidiaries: SalesForce – Veeva.
In order to support such volumes of activities and users, over transversal process (O2C, P2P, etc) and numerous IT systems, The Group has recently decided the creation of one new IT structure, hosted in Lisbon, to internalize the knowledge and critical skills: the IT international Services centre.

Within the Pierre Fabre IT Operations Department (ITOP&S) and under the responsibility of the IT International Services Centre – Lisbon manager, the main missions will be to contribute to the maintenance of the IT Solutions & Services.

As Application administrator, your main missions will be the following:
- Environments management:
o Refresh on demand on environment RFx on recipe (limited), on Integration and Support/UAT
o The deployed ESB flow control: checking compliance of the message transfer in relation to BSE and Sabria, check the consistency of the mapping deployed in relation to delivered changes, replay of messages in phase of VSR
o Stop-revival of BSE flows during the environments refreshes
o Update of the SharePoint implementation of security by user on each deployed cube + activation security reports Core Model
o Support of the extracts BI and audit performance functioning SSRS in phase of VSR
- Delivery of the developments:
o Delivery in RECT then PROD in a USR layer (via xpo)/Delivery in RECT then PROD in layer CUS (via Model Store)
o Control of developments at the level of the code when compiling CIL for delivery in RECT
o Followed actions of delivery with the outsourcer THALES in RECIPE and PRODUCTION: contact point of the outsourcer
o Stop-revival of BSE flows during deliveries on recipe and production
- Security management
o Import new users via script in RFx, RECT and PROD/Activation of users in RFx, RECT and PROD/Assignment of roles by user
o Changes in the matrix of roles: taking account of the new roles on the RFx, RECT, PROD environment.
o Important vigilance with respect to the valid roles Pharma
- Implementation of the AX internal automatic batches
o Creation of the batches associated with all the logistics flows, Sales and finance (12 on average, RFx, RECT and PROD)
o Modification of the batches associated with all the logistics flows, Sales and finance
- Management of the infrastructures
o Installation of drivers for printers and settings associated with on infra RDS
o Stop-recovery services SSRS, AOS and purge of profiles on servers RDS
o Incident analysis and slow performance platforms/Proposal and implementation of technical resolutions
o Truly responsible for AX platform

Expected profile

Training: Computer Engineer or equivalent
Experience: Previous experience on Application Administration for AX 2009 and 2012.
Required Skills:
• Good management and coordination capacity.
• Excellent customer service
• Excellent interpersonal skills (listening, communication, negotiation, animation ...)
• Sense of organization
• English proficiency.
• Excellent general knowledge of the Sales, Finance, Purchasing, Regulatory and Logistics Processes
• General knowledge of Support and IT Operations (SLA Management) activities
• ITIL certification is a plus
• Opening on developments in IT (Quality, ICT ...)
• Opening on the business and the culture of the subsidiaries

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