Two plants for your pharmaceuticals lozenges


A leader position for Pharmaceutical Lozenges

The Pierre Fabre site in Aignan (Gers) is dedicated to the manufacturing of pharmaceutical lozenges for more than 20 years. This unique site (3750 sqm) includes a production area (1630 sqm) with two main manufacturing lines (batches and semi-continuous). Over the past two decades, the team (>80people) has specialized in the production and packaging of pharmaceutical lozenges both for the Pierre Fabre brand Drill® and for a dozen of external partners in Europe. Both sugar and sugar-free (isomalt) lozenges are produced, reaching in 2015 over 900 tons of lozenges. The production has doubled over the past 10 years to reach now more than 350 millions pastilles per year. Novel investments are in progress to further extend the capacity, with a second continuous production line. This makes the Aignan site, regularly inspected by the French Health Authorities (and other agencies), the European leader in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical lozenges.

  • dam_6596.jpg1983 Creation of « Diététique & Pharmacie », Aignan's site
  • 1985 Manufacturing of Pierre Fabre Drill® lozenges
  • 1986 2nd workshop, new production line for the 1st external partner
  • 1990 Production of gums
  • 2001 Development and QC labs, storage unit
  • 2004 1st nicotine-based lozenge
  • 2006 « Diététique & Pharmacie » integrates PFMP
  • 2009 Continuous manufacturing line
  • 2011 New conditioning line
  • 2015 Sewage unit for wastewater treatment


Packaging lozenges and other forms

The Pierre Fabre site in Cahors (Lot) is specialized in the packaging of products, for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and dermo-cosmetic markets since 1990. The site (4700sqm) is well equipped for the conditioning of capsules, tablets and lozenges. The team (>50 people) deals with a large range of products (>2000 references). Last audited by the French Health Agency in 2014, the Cahors plant is approved as a pharmaceutical site. Together with the Aignan site, it offers additional capacities for the packaging of lozenges.


The PFMP site in Cahors