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15 september 2021


Din oppgave

The Demand Planner plays an essential role in a company's Supply Chain. Use analytics, marketing and sales data to effectively estimate future product demands. Its duties include inventory flow planning, statistical data analysis and generation of forecasting solutions

Main Tasks

1 Upstream Management
2 Manages sales team forecasts and usual processes (historical data, seasonality, market trends, special offers, budget ...) with relevant data analysis
3 Improve the accuracy of forecasts (statistical models, software ...) with cross coordination actions and updates of the Supply Chain Planning tool (Sofi, Ekheops)
4 Downstream Management
5 Communicates product inventory strategies to sales, marketing, finance teams (high runners, new products, replacements, end of life ...) and takes them into account in procurement planning
6 Adjust inventory forecasts and rules based on market demand and trends
7 Analysis:
• Analyze quantities and financial forecasts.
• Forecasts and inventory KPI reports.
• Lead forecasts or S&OP meetings.
• Follow the inventory level and improvement plans.
• Promote convergences and divergences with respect to the business plan.
• Verify and control the costs of the custodian
• Plan the destruction of obsolete products

Forventet profil

Graduated in Economics / Statistics

Good knowledge of MS office package
• Ability to integrate and dynamic commercial understanding (problem solving)
• Relational freshness and practical sense
• Adaptability in a very compact group of colleagues.

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