Job families

The richness and diversity of our professional disciplines provide many opportunities to join us and to consider an ambitious professional career.

In our 3 activities: Pharmaceutical, Dermo-cosmetics and Healthcare, dedicated teams cover the different stages of the product lifecycle:


  • Research and Development
    R&D jobs are directly involved in the design and development of our products, their experimental improvement and their industrial adjustment.
  • Industry and logistics
    Production in our Laboratories is carried out using an internal logistics chain: from manufacturing to packaging right up to the distribution of the products to our customers.
  • Marketing, sales and promotion
    The strong presence of the sales networks makes of Pierre Fabre Laboratories a key and recognized player in the Health and Beauty industry in France and overseas.
  • Support functions
    The support functions include all the business areas which are essential for the company to run properly.

Totally integrated Group, we have within these 4 major families around 350 jobs.