Inspires par la nature

Our Commitments

Green Mission Pierre Fabre is the eco-socio-responsible commitment from the Pierre Fabre Group, awarded the Committed to CSR by AFNOR Certification at the Exemplary level. Thanks to our conviction and drive, we use sustainable innovation to benefit Nature and People, focusing on 5 issues:

Innovating sustainably

by taking our inspiration from nature, thanks to our botanical expertise and the development of eco-extraction.


plant samples held by the Group, the largest private collection in the world


of our revenue is made from products containing active ingredients that come from the natural world


new organic or eco-extracted plant-based active ingredients developed every year as of 2019

vue extérieure du laboratoire de l'eau d'Avène

Avène, a laboratory to unravel the mysteries of thermal spring water

The success of our Eau Thermale Avène brand is largely down to 40 years of research conducted to understand the composition and mechanism of action of this unique thermal spring water. This research is conducted by the Water Laboratory, located in Avène, at the foot of the source.

Protecting our plant heritage,

reduce our environmental footprint, promote organic farming and encourage agro-ecology.​


of plants used by our brands suffer no impact on their sustainability


reduction in our CO2 emissions in 2025


of the Group’s products will be eco-designed by 2023

batiment peraudel

To reduce our environmental footprint, the Group has already been working for several years to:

  • reduce our GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions 
  • improve our energy efficiency 
  • make our products eco-designed and biodegradable
conservatoire pierre fabre

The Pierre Fabre Botanical Conservatory, a unique private conservatory created in 2001 and the heart of the Group’s botanical expertise, which uses over 240 plant species and 450 plant extracts to make us all aware of the importance of respecting biodiversity.

Respecting our farmers and suppliers all over the world

and contribute to the sustainable development of our regions and their communities, , develop sustainable and fair supply chains, and support employees by developing skills, aiding mobility and providing a healthy and safe working environment.

over 95%

of our production takes place in France

grille 1 - insp
10 years

of trusting relationships with 64% of our plant suppliers

Our ethical supply chains

groupe de femmes au Burkina Faso
Ethical shea butter in Burkina Faso

Created in 2004, SOTOKACC, a small company in Toussiana (Burkina Faso), which supplies our René Furterer brand with shea butter, not only guarantees regular income and social autonomy for its 16 female employees, but also for over 200 women producers and nut collectors.
We have a 5-year supply contract with this small company, with 100% pre-financing of the shea butter ordered.

fleurs de moringa
Moringa in Madagascar

In Madagascar, René Furterer carries out several missions. First and foremost an economic and environmentally-friendly mission, providing technical support to farmers: yield improvement, acquisition of best production practices, crop diversification, etc. Another fundamental mission for René Furterer focuses on the fight against malnutrition: farmers are therefore trained in the benefits of growing fruit trees and Moringa oleifera and using the leaves as vegetables, since they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Guarantee the quality of our eco-designed products,

and maximize the development of Ecocert Organic certified active ingredients and our ethical practices.​

label RE


In 2022, the group chose the Engagé RSE label from AFNOR Certification to affirm its contribution to sustainable development. We are certified at the exemplary level of Engagé RSE and Responsibility Europe label from AFNOR Certification. 

For us, it is a concrete way to measure the performance of our CSR approach to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the international standard ISO 26000. 


of our plant and plant-based active ingredient suppliers are assessed on their CSR policies

fournisseur de plante au Brésil

of new extracts will be developed from organic plants or plants without phytosanitary treatment in 2021

champ d'Hélichryse
Organic helichrysum, for high-quality essential oil

Grown by our Naturactive brand, helichrysum is cultivated on our own organic farm land and distilled just after harvesting at the edge of the field. From field to product - full traceability!

Engage people

through social and environmental actions and encourage a “green” dynamic at all levels of the company and among our stakeholders.


social and environmental action proposed to all employees each year


of our employees are shareholders in the company


the professional equality index between women and men

  The partner associations for our employee engagement 
logo cancer at work


Cancer@Work battles every day to change how society and companies perceive this disease. Working with this association, we help people who have been affected by cancer to make the most of their strengths and find their way back to work.
logo federation de la peau


The Fédération Française de la Peau (French Skin Federation) works to increase recognition of the significance of skin diseases and their impacts on the lives of patients. We work alongside the FFP on actions to raise public awareness, through the skin-themed “Tour de France de la Peau”, which highlights a particular skin condition each year. 

  60 years working towards fulfilling our biodiversity commitments
logo alliance des forêts


The Alliance for the Preservation of Forests is a collective of responsible companies that are determined to end imported deforestation in Europe. We joined in 2020. 

logo reveil ecologique


We responded to the “Manifeste des étudiants pour un réveil écologique” (Student Manifesto for an Ecological Awakening) questionnaire, in order to transparently share our environmental commitments. 
logo happy vallee


By 2023, 20km of urban agriculture between Paris and Roissy will have been redesigned, bringing ecologically and socially beneficial re-vegetation along the edges of the highway. We have planted Ruscus plants, from which the rhizomes can be harvested after 6 to 7 years for use in our pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. 

We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.