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Eau Thermale Avène
Soothing by nature

Avène Thermal Spring Water in short

Avène Dermatological Laboratories offer a range of dermo-cosmetic skincare specially developed for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatologists. Avène Thermal Spring Water, with a unique biological and mineral heritage, whose efficacy has been proven by more than 150 clinical studies, is at the heart of all our products.

This remarkable water, renowned for its soothing and softening properties, is used at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center for the treatment of skin pathologies such as eczema and dermatitis.

The brand is also involved in social responsibility initiatives such as Atopic Dermatitis Foundation and the Eau Thermale Avène Skin Cancer Foundation. 



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Skin & Cancer

Cancer treatments can lead to significant side effects on the skin such as increased sensitivity, intense dryness, inflammation and pain in contact zones, crevices, cracking and acneiform eruptions. The resulting discomfort and pain can be extremely disabling, and in some cases can deter patients from continuing with their treatment. While undergoing cancer treatment, your skin in particularly sensitive, and you need to ensure you apply gentle, appropriate skin care products to avoid exacerbating the side effects on your skin.

Eau Thermal Avène can help reduce and alleviate these side effects of cancer treatment on your skin.

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The soul of botany

Klorane Image

Klorane in short

For more than 50 years, KLORANE has been taking care of you while also caring for nature.

Every day we make a commitment: to cultivate it with respect, to preserve its resources, and to reveal its beneficial properties in botanical care products

that are mostly created in France.

We promise to share our expertise via our foundation, and to be the soul of botany, today and tomorrow, throughout the world.

Focus on Klorane Botanical Foundation

Pour cultiver la passion de la botanique
To cultivate a passion for botany

Klorane Botanical Foundation, founded in 1994, is a Pierre Fabre Laboratories corporate foundation which aims to promote our plant heritage. In Australia, Klorane Botanical Foundation supports plant conservation through a partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to help protect Australia’s threatened rainforest species, in addition to delivering its ‘Herbarium on Stage’ botanical workshops for children to help build their relationship with nature.

We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.