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For 60 years, we have been innovating relentlessly to take care of everyone.


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We develop tomorrow's prescription drugs and products with the inexhaustible resources of our imagination. There is no task more exciting than this!

M. Pierre Fabre, founder of the Group


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Our dual expertise - pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics - helps us offer a holistic approach to care: prevent, treat and support.

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Our Commitments

Green Mission Pierre Fabre is the eco-socio-responsible commitment from the Pierre Fabre Group, awarded the Committed to CSR by AFNOR Certification at the Exemplary level. Thanks to our conviction and drive, we use sustainable innovation to benefit Nature and People, focusing on 5 pillars


Innovate sustainably

Innovate sustainably by taking our inspiration from nature, thanks to our botanical expertise and the development of eco-extraction

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Protect our plant heritage 

Protect our plant heritage reduce our environmental footprint, promote organic farming and encourage agro-ecology

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Respect the farmers and harvesterss 

We respect the farmers and harvesters we work with, and help develop the regions from which we source our ingredients

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Guarantee the quality of our products

Guarantee the quality of our eco-designed products, and maximize the development of Ecocert Organic certified active ingredients and our ethical practices 

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Engage our communities

Engage our communities through social and environmental actions and encourage a “green” dynamic at all levels of the company

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Emeline Mathieu talk about her MSL job
A Passionate Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Advancing Healthcare in Australia.
    The script of the video: •    Could you please introduce yourself? (10 seconds)I am Emeline Mathieu, I am 28 year old, I’m a French Pharmacist and I’ve been an MSL in Australia for almost 2 years now. •    What is your professional background before being an MSL? (15 seconds)Before my current MSL position, I used to be Medical Advisor for few months in an Italian pharma company and before that I was Oncology Medical Project Manager within the Pierre Fabre Corporate Medical affairs team on the same therapeutic areas which are Melanoma and Colorectal cancer.•    How would you define the MSL role? (10 seconds)The MSL role aims to build significant scientific relationships with key healthcare professionals for a specific disease, in order to help the company understanding any needs that should be answered to improve patient healthcare in line with the company strategy•    What do you like about being an MSL? (10 seconds) I like how different interactions can be depending on the particular healthcare professional’s profile as well as insights they can provide (One appointment to another can focus on totally different topics – could be data presentation or educational project discussion etc)•    What is the most difficult thing for you about being an MSL? (10 seconds)Maintaining relationships can be challenging when limited new data is released as a new product is getting older – keeping the momentum all the way through the life cycle of a drug •    What is the essential quality of an MSL for you? (5 seconds)Being flexible and ready to adapt •    What motivates you to get up in the morning as an MSL? (15 seconds)Being an MSL motivates me because it offers daily opportunities to learn and grow from interactions with Key Opinion Leaders and staying informed about the ever-evolving therapeutic landscape and new scientific breakthroughs.•    Any words or advice for someone wanting to become an MSL? (15 seconds)An MSL needs to have strong relationship skills and be willing to work in autonomous manner from everywhere and get ready to adapt to any profile of healthcare professionals.    Know more about MSL      
Medical Science Liaison Pierre Fabre
Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) talk about their job
In line with Pierre Fabre Laboratories' vision "Every time we care for a single person, we make the whole world better" the MSL (Medical Science Liaison) role is crucial in enhancing patient care. As a scientific bridge between the medical community and the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the MSL combines pharmaceutical innovation with medical expertise to develop collaboration with healthcare professionals and optimize daily healthcare practices. The MSL's objectives can be achieved through various missions, including: Medical Education: promoting best practices for up-to-date patient management. Insight Collection: gaining a comprehensive understanding of patient treatment practices, organization, and patient journey. Data Needs Identification and participation to their generation to promote best practices for patient treatment. Support Clinical Development and Real-World Evidence Projects. Understanding patient needs. Dive into the MSL experience through a series of 10 monthly interviews. The series will share their professional journeys, highlighting the realities and successes they encounter, and provide a glimpse into their commitment to advancing medical care. Let's start by first discovering the MSL universe with Selina Jansky, Zohra Butt, Emeline Mathieu, Pawel Pedrasik and Miaomiao Zhang.   #1 Emeline Mathieu: A Passionate Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Advancing Healthcare in Australia.    Join Us

We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.