Our company ownership

Our company is mostly owned by a government recognised public interest foundation, which is unique in France.

collaboratrices Pierre Fabre en réunion

A unique shareholding structure

The Pierre Fabre Group is majority owned by a government recognised public interest foundation (via decree dated April 6, 1999): the Pierre Fabre Foundation. Mr Pierre Fabre had already donated most of the company's shares to the Foundation in 2008. He completed this donation upon his death in 2013, making it the sole legatee.

The Foundation now owns 86% of Pierre Fabre SA share capital via the controlling company, Pierre Fabre Participations.

Employees own 9.5% of the remaining shares (via an employee shareholder scheme* set up in 2005) and the final 4.5% are treasury shares (shares owned by the company itself).


The Pierre Fabre Foundation

For 20 years, the Pierre Fabre Foundation has been establishing and developing long term programs with our network of local partners - hospitals, universities and patient associations - to provide the poorest populations with better access to pharmaceutical products and high quality health care. Through these 5 areas of intervention, we are also investing in international advocacy and research to act comprehensively, take action and fight against economic imbalances.

Mères et enfants africains dans salle d'attente

20 years of action - a commitment on the ground

Via testimonials from the beneficiaries of our programs and our partners on the ground, discover our mission, priorities and action in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

mère et enfant en consultation dans un centre médical en Afrique

active programs in 21 countries

étudiante en pharmacie

Employee shareholder scheme*

The employee shareholder scheme was one of Mr Pierre Fabre's own initiatives. He wanted to pass his company on to his employees. He always looked for ways to give them a stake in the company's profits by setting up employee savings plans such as success-sharing and profit-sharing schemes.

In 2005, the Pierre Fabre employee shareholder scheme was unveiled and the company's share capital was opened up to employees. Each employee can now be a shareholder and joint owner of the company.

The organisation of Pierre Fabre's share capital is unique and guarantees the company's independence and sustainability:

  • the Pierre Fabre Group is privately owned
  • our internal network of coordinators informs and supports employees
  • our training on business economics makes each employee an informed shareholder

* To date, the employee shareholder scheme is available in 10 of our subsidiaries. Australia currently does not participate in the scheme. 

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