A strict dermo-cosmetics formulation charter

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When developing our dermo-cosmetic formulas, if we encounter the slightest problem during testing, we will follow process and start the development all over again. Safety is our priority and each of our products is marketed with the objective of being safe under normal conditions of use. 

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Portrait de Pierre-Jacques Ferret

"For example, during its development and manufacture, 756 tests are performed on a Sterile Cosmetic product intended for infants with atopic skin. Each year, we conduct up to 1,050 clinical trials, performed by over 70 experts."

Pierre Jacques Ferret
Director of Toxicology and Cosmetovigilance, Pierre Fabre Group
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How do you monitor the safety of dermo-cosmetic products once they have been put on the market?

This monitoring is performed by our cosmetovigilance department, composed of experts. This network of experts continuously monitors and reviews the safety of products. Using rigorous and recognised methodologies, the network collects, validates and analyses adverse events related to the use of a dermo-cosmetic product and collects all information likely to improve the product.

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