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Green Native Expression: a Pierre Fabre innovation receives an award at Leem CSR Trophies

15. januar 2020

Pierre Fabre’s innovation in sustainable development is once again acclaimed by the Leem, with Green Native Expression, a new patented extraction technology, natural and eco-friendly. A unique process which was awarded the Leem CSR trophy in the “Environment” category on December 4, 2019.

Responsible innovation

Green Native Expression is an innovative thermo-mechanic plant extraction process since it does not use water or solvents. It also saves plant resources because the active ingredients obtained are particularly concentrated. To achieve this innovation, Pierre Fabre joined forces with a local key player: the Tarn-based company Bois Valor, located less than 20 km from its natural active ingredient extraction plant in Gaillac (Tarn). Bois Valor performs the extrusion operations on fresh plants using Green Native Expression technology, obtaining extracts that are then delivered to Gaillac to be filtered and stabilized.

This award is a great way to highlight the innovation taking place in the regions, especially here in Occitanie, France. 

Séverine Roullet-Furnemont

Director of Sustainable Development at Pierre Fabre. 


Years of R&D to create a unique process

It took eight years of research and development to perfect this process, which allows pure plant sap to be extracted without using solvents or water, and incorporated into cosmetic or nutraceutical products in the form of active ingredients. This means that collected sap is 100% pure, has not been transformed in any way, and the active ingredients remain intact. The Group's first brand to benefit from this innovation is Klorane for its Aquatic mint range. More extracts are planned for several other brands in the Group.

With this patented technology, Pierre Fabre is the only company capable of obtaining sap quality of this level from fresh plants, thereby meeting the expectations of consumers looking for more natural, purer, eco-friendly products.

Mathieu Leti

Sourcing and Plant-based Active Ingredient Development Manager 


Green Native Expression, in line with the Group’s Green Mission approach 

 Green Native Expression is a good example of the overall Pierre Fabre Green Mission approach, firstly because this innovation is eco-friendly: in fact, the fresh plants are processed near the fields in which they were grown organically; and secondly because Pierre Fabre also collaborates with a local key player with solid understanding of this technology. In this way, Green Native Expression strengthens the eco-friendly and socially responsible Pierre Fabre Green Mission commitment by contributing to innovation, protection of plant resources and respect for the environment.