Pierre Fabre supports Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of this devastating disease

1. marts 2020

Colorectal Cancer (CRC), also known as bowel cancer, is the second most common cancer globally, and has particularly poor outcomes when diagnosed in the late stages. According to World Health Organisation, the disease killed more than 850,000 people globally in 2018. If diagnosed early, however, the chance of successful treatment is significantly improved. This is why it is so important to raise awareness of the disease. 

This March, Pierre Fabre is proudly supporting CRC Awareness Month, which is an annual milestone that aims to raise awareness of the disease and the importance of early detection and diagnosis.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness: Our Commitment


Jean-Luc Lowinski

At Pierre Fabre, we are dedicated to changing the lives of people living with CRC and are committed to doing our part to raise awareness of this devastating disease,. We understand the serious impact the disease can have on patients and their loved ones and so we believe it is incredibly important to support in any way we can.

Jean-Luc Lowinski, General

Manager Medical Care BU

Deborah Szafir

One of our main missions is to reduce the incidence of pathologies on which we work. CRC is one of the most important because of its morbidity. Providing people with messages enabling them to better understand their disease and how to prevent them is one of the means of achieving it, and we are proud of doing it.

 Dr Deborah Szafir

Head of Corporate Medical and Patient/Consumer Relations Department


This month, we are excited to take part in several activities to raise awareness and provide education on CRC, including initiatives that will aim to raise funds supporting patient groups across the globe. 


Dress in Blue Day – Friday, March 6

Blue is the official color for CRC awareness. Across our offices, employees will be coming together to dress in blue on this global day of awareness to show their support for individuals with CRC and all of those impacted by this disease.

collaborateurs Pierre Fabre en bleu

Healthy Breakfast Days

Throughout the month, colleagues across our offices will be hosting healthy breakfasts, featuring an assortment of foods that support colon health, alongside a short presentation on CRC and how Pierre Fabre is supporting the CRC community.

fruits cererales cafe yaourt

Our Dedication and Support for the CRC Community Extends Beyond CRC Awareness Month 


How are we supporting individuals with CRC?
With the support of Pierre Fabre, Digestive Cancers Europe (DiCE) recently published a guide titled, “Caring for Someone with Colorectal Cancer”. The guide contains useful information about the medical, psychological, emotional and social aspects of caring for someone with CRC. Some of the topics covered include how best to cope with the disease on a day to day basis, what workplace rights carers have and what financial support carers may be entitled to. You can access the booklet here:

couverture du guide colorectal cancer


How are we driving the development of new therapeutic options?

Pierre Fabre has focused efforts on oncology since 1978. Today, oncology is our R&D priority. We are currently investigating a new targeted therapy combination for metastatic colorectal cancer with a BRAF gene mutation.


You can find out more about our research here


Want to get involved? Here’s how!
Show your support and join the #colorectalcancerawarenessmonth conversation by liking, sharing and commenting on our CRC Awareness Month social posts.



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