The Pierre Fabre Group unveils its Purpose

17 februar 2020

The Group is unveiling its purpose today on social media via an extensive campaign reaching our various audiences. A purpose oriented toward a better world. This campaign is launched with a column published on Linkedin by Éric Ducournau, CEO of the Pierre Fabre group.

The Group's purpose is a source of energy and pride for employees, pride in contributing to a collective ambition that drives and transcends them.  
It is also a promise that seals the Group's commitment. For patients and consumers, who are increasingly demanding of companies, it is a token of trust and transparency; for our current and future partners, it is a strong sign of shared values. As for the Millennials, for whom corporate social responsibility is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a job, the purpose must be able to underscore this extra appeal with clarity and character.  

So, to reach out to its patients and consumers, its partners and its future employees, the Pierre Fabre Group will share testimonials, visuals and quotes based around its purpose on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. This content will gradually unveil all the facets of this purpose. Or how we can make the world better, remaining humble while leveraging the determination of our founder…

To my mind, in defining who we are and who we want to be, we also paint a picture of our competitive landscape. No company can truly understand that landscape if it doesn’t know who it is and what it stands for.

Eric Ducournau

CEO of the Pierre Fabre Group

Read the entire column posted by Eric Ducournau on Linkedin 

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