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Eau Thermale Avène
Soothing by nature

Famille Avène

Eau Thermale Avène: Dedicated to Sensitive Skin

Eau Thermale Avène, developed out of Avène Laboratories Dermatologique is a brand dedicated to offering a range of treatments specially developed for sensitive skin. Rooted in dermatology & hydrotherapy, our formulas are infused with proven soothing and calming Avène Thermal Spring Water. Avène Thermal Spring Water has unique biological and mineral properties. Its proven soothing efficacy has been demonstrated in more than 150 scientific studies and is at the heart of all Avène skin care formulas. 

Over 2,800 patients each year are referred by dermatologists worldwide to visit Avène’s Hydrotherapy Center to treat skin conditions including atopic dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Avène products are rigorously tested and developed with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and cutting-edge science. Avène offers proven solutions to multiple skin concerns, even for those with the most sensitive skin and is recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide.



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The Skin Protect, Ocean Respect initiative

The brand's sun care products have been formulated to protect the skin and to minimize the impact on the environment, by reducing the number and concentration of sun filters and by improving the biodegradability of the formulas. In partnership with Pur Projet, Avène Dermatological Laboratories is also participating in the regeneration of coral reefs and conservation of the marine ecosystem.

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Pierre Fabre Dermatologie
Because the skin is a vital organ, its health is precious to us

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Pierre Fabre Dermatologie in short

For more than 30 years, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie has been committed to developing and marketing prescription drugs to treat skin diseases, allowing it to become a major international player in medical dermatology.
Our research is thus dedicated to the development of future prescription drugs

in pediatric dermatology, dermato-oncology and rare diseases. The success of Pierre Fabre Dermatologie is based on listening to dermatologists and health care professionals at all times (to provide them with numerous