Our governance

Share ownership control bodies

Pierre Fabre Foundation

The Pierre Fabre Foundation is the Group's majority shareholder. Since the Foundation is dedicated first and foremost to its public-interest mission, it delegates supervision of Group management to its subsidiary, Pierre Fabre Participations.

Portrait de Pierre Yves Revol
Pierre-Yves Revol, Chairman of Pierre Fabre Participations

Pierre Fabre Participations

This controlling company approves the Group's strategy, appoints its main executives and ensures that the continuity mission set out by Mr. Pierre Fabre himself is observed:

  • Ensuring the Group's independence
  • Maintaining both areas of activity (Pharmaceuticals and Dermo-Cosmetics)
  • Investing heavily in R&D
  • Prioritizing long-term goals rather than short-term financial results
  • Maintaining the Group's footprint in its home region and its culture of corporate social responsibility
  • Enabling the Pierre Fabre Foundation to pursue its objectives through a suitable dividend payment policy
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Operating companies

Pierre Fabre SA 

Pierre Fabre S.A. is the Group's holding company. It establishes the Group's overall strategy, consolidates and coordinates our activities and hosts shared services and support functions. Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals and Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics are the main  subsidiaries of Pierre Fabre S.A., respectively in charge of the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics businesses.

Pierre Fabre SA Supervisory Board

Chairman (non-executive) : Roch DOLIVEUX 
Vice-Chairman (non-executive) : Pierre-Yves REVOL 

Board members: Marie-Anne AYMERICH, Jean-Laurent BONNAFE, Isabelle GIROLAMI, Marie-France MARCHAND BAYLET, Rachel MAROUANI, , Florence

Employee and employee shareholder scheme representatives:Jean-François COURET, Claire MEUNIER et Alexandre FALCONNIER. 

The Pierre Fabre Supervisory Board has formed three committees:

  • The Audit Committee chaired by Isabelle GIROLAMI 
    The main missions of this committee are to examine the accounts and monitor issues concerning the generation and control of accounting and financial information. The Audit Committee is also responsible for checking the effectiveness of the Group's risk management and internal control systems. Its members are:  Isabelle GIROLAMI, Pierre-Yves REVOL, Eduardo SANCHIZ and Jean-François COURET.
  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee, chaired by Pierre-Yves REVOL
    This committee assists the board in selecting its members and corporate executives, and formulates recommendations concerning their remuneration.
    Its members are:  Pierre-Yves REVOL, Roch DOLIVEUX and Jean-Jacques BERTRAND.
  • Strategic Committee chaired by Roch DOLIVEUX
    The aim of this committee is to issue opinions on the Group's main strategic choices, in particular in terms of R&D, and on its business development policy, proposed by executive management to the Supervisory Board.
    Its members are: Roch DOLIVEUX, Marie-Anne AYMERICH, Jean-Laurent BONNAFE, Isabelle GIROLAMI, Rachel MAROUANI, Florence PARLY, Pierre-Yves REVOL, Olivier SADRAN and Eduardo SANCHIZ.
Comité de direction pierre fabre 2024

The Group's Executive Committee

Eric DUCOURNAU is the Group's CEO. The members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Frédéric ENNABLI (Dermo-Cosmetics & Personal Care Business Unit CEO)
  • Jean-Luc LOWINSKI (Medical Care Business Unit CEO)
  • Eric GOUY (Administrative, Finance and Legal Senior Vice President)
  • Maud VIMEUX (Human Resources Senior Vice President)
  • Vincent HURAUX (Operations Business Unit CEO)

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