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Start your career in a stimulating environment

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You are at the beginning of your career. We are a company that loves to pass on our knowledge. The Pierre Fabre Group is here to help you take your first steps in the world of work. Our French know-how, our authentic values, our broad range of expertise and our international reach is waiting for you: to support you, listen to you and develop your potential. Here, you will work alongside enthusiastic people, you will never stop learning and you will be an integral member of our teams.


Internships, quality missions

You will learn about the realities of a business line on a daily basis, alongside tutors who are experts in their field. At Pierre Fabre, we are convinced that satisfying tasks and a high-quality mission are key to ensuring a successful internship. A way to build on your knowledge and put it into practice, while accumulating solid experience, for you and your future!

In the U.S., internships start following the Memorial Day Holiday and continue through the end of the summer.

Our internship oPPORTUNITIES

Work/study contracts, immersion in a learning group

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You will have daily support from our employees to train you in the job of your dreams. Your role will be essential within your team, within which you will be fully integrated. Through your missions, you will be able to express your creativity and develop your skills. We provide a real springboard for your career and the opportunity to realize your ambitions in a stimulating environment.

Global programs

Our corporate headquarter offers extensive opportunities.

To view programs located at Corporate and other subsidiaries, see below.

V.I.E, embark on an adventure!

Joshua V.I.E

The V.I.E (international internship program) is a real opening to the world and offers you the opportunity to go off and discover your potential, regardless of where you work. Every year, around fifty graduates join our subsidiaries in China, the US, and Mexico, for a 12 to 24-month assignment.

Four good reasons to take part in a V.I.E program in the Pierre Fabre Group


  1. Gain international experience within a renowned company, in a challenging environment.
  2. Work with a local or multicultural team and develop your professional skills.
  3. Live in a new town, discover a new culture and meet new people.
  4. Benefit from a protective legal framework and the advantages offered by this specific status.

Discover our V.I.E offers




work/study contracts

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V.I.E participants

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Postdoctoral fellowship, a unique opportunity

postdoctoral program

Our goal: to identify the talents of the future and make those people our employees, experienced scientists who are among the best in their field will make wonderful mentors. This is why we created a post-doc fellowship program, to speed up research for patients. While uniting our shared expertise and passion for innovation, you will have access to cutting-edge facilities and resources. Tempted?

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School and university partnerships, getting close to you!

Contribute to real cases

We undertake to support you throughout your studies. This is why we take concrete initiatives, including:  

  • Sponsorship of the class of 2018/2020 students studying for the Master's degree in Packaging Engineering at the ESEPAC packaging school. On the agenda: educational projects in cooperation with our business experts, site tours and customized advice for students to help them prepare for their first job and work/study contract and internship offers.  
  • Our partnership with ESSEC, where students and professionals in digital marketing are combining their skills and creativity to design a future beauty blog.


A Corporate Chair to share our expertise with you

In 2016, the Pierre Fabre Group and the École des Mines d'Albi created a Corporate Chair on the theme of agility in supply chains. This is the result of over 15 years of collaboration between the school and the company and the creation of dynamic cooperation, which is a vector for future innovation in an area of excellence for both partners and crucial to our market environment.


We are coming to meet you!

Talking to you is our priority. This is an opportunity to share our experience, as well as opportunities that might be of interest to you. We are therefore present on campuses throughout the year, through school recruitment forums, our staff's participation in conferences and our network of ambassadors deployed in each establishment.



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