Inspires par la nature

Our commitments

Nature, a source of inspiration and exploration for health care and beauty, is at the heart of our model. Research on natural substances is the foundation stone of a more comprehensive approach known as Green Mission Pierre Fabre.

Innovating: discovering
new natural-origin key ingredients


Mosaïque de plantes

Cutting-edge research on plants, combining the complementary expertise of botanists, agronomists, biologists and pharmacists passionate about the benefits of the plant world. Research on natural substances of therapeutic or dermo-cosmetic interest has always been a major research area for our company. The accumulation of data from over 50 years of research, combined with in-depth knowledge of plants and thermal spring water has enabled us to market

hundreds of products made from natural-origin key ingredients. Our main pharmaceuticals are plant-based, including Permixon from the Florida dwarf palm and Navelbine made from Madagascar periwinkle. Our Naturactive brand is an expert in phytotherapy and aromatherapy. In dermo-cosmetics, our Klorane, A-Derma and René Furterer brands were built around this botanical expertise, while the Eau Thermale Avène brand is tirelessly studying the benefits of its thermal spring water.



plant samples held by the Group, the largest private collection in the world


of our revenue is made from products containing active ingredients that come from the natural world


years of research to constantly unravel more of the mysteries of Avène thermal spring water

At the heart of our research on plants

recherche sur les plantes

Faithful to our pharmaceutical background, based on rigor, science and proof, we will only use a plant in a product if we can prove its efficacy and understand its mechanism of action. We therefore conduct a battery of tests in the laboratory (pharmacological tests, identification of the molecules responsible for these activities, optimization of effective quantities, etc.) to find the answers to all these questions. This precious information enables us to make claims on the activity of our end products, respecting our consumers and patients. This is also vital in the pharmaceutical industry, in order to obtain Marketing Authorization.

vue extérieure du laboratoire de l'eau d'Avène

Avène, a laboratory to unravel the mysteries of thermal spring water

The success of our Eau Thermale Avène brand is largely down to 40 years of research conducted to understand the composition and mechanism of action of this unique thermal spring water. This research is conducted by the Water Laboratory, located in Avène, at the foot of the source.

Protecting biodiversity

Using plants, with benefits that are known or yet to be discovered, in a way that respects their sustainability, for lasting protection of biodiversity.

helichryse Pierre Fabre

We focus on cultivation rather than increasing the size of harvests. If we are not able to cultivate the plant used, we define a harvesting plan to guarantee its sustainability and respect its life cycle. For cultivation, we are careful to avoid

the use of phytosanitary treatments. Organic farming is the solution chosen for various plants used by the Group.

Discover our commitments PROMOTING biodiversity



of plants used by our brands suffer no impact on their sustainability


of our supply chains are certified organic


of our plant suppliers are audited based on best practices

KBF logo

Since 1994, the primary mission of our company's Klorane Botanical Foundation has been to protect endangered plant species. A range of actions are being taken to prevent endangered plants from becoming extinct, including regenerating extinct species from old seeds, protecting the habitat of a species or replanting a species in an area where it no longer grows.

Respecting our partners

A process that is respectful to our partners, farmers, harvesters, suppliers and contributes to the sustainable development of our supply regions and their communities


fair trade certified supply chains

grille 1 - insp
0 years

of trusting relationships with 64% of our plant suppliers

Through relationships based on the long term, we pay special attention to men and women who are close to nature - who know about, work with and live in harmony with nature.
We work with farmers and harvesters on the basis of the actual price of production, not the market price.

This system guarantees decent revenue for farmers, regardless of the contingencies and risks related to all farm production.
We develop supply chains with official quality endorsements: fair trade and organic farming.


Our ethical supply chains

groupe de femmes au Burkina Faso
Ethical shea butter in Burkina Faso

Created in 2004, SOTOKACC, a small company in Toussiana (Burkina Faso), which supplies our René Furterer brand with shea butter, not only guarantees regular income and social autonomy for its 16 female employees, but also for over 200 women producers and nut collectors.
We have a 5-year supply contract with this small company, with 100% pre-financing of the shea butter ordered.

fleurs de moringa
Moringa in Madagascar

In Madagascar, René Furterer carries out several missions. First and foremost an economic and environmentally-friendly mission, providing technical support to farmers: yield improvement, acquisition of best production practices, crop diversification, etc. Another fundamental mission for René Furterer focuses on the fight against malnutrition: farmers are therefore trained in the benefits of growing fruit trees and Moringa oleifera and using the leaves as vegetables, since they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

dattes au Sénégal
Desert date in Senegal

For our supply of dates from the desert date tree, we work with Baobab Des Saveurs in Thiès, Senegal. In order to harvest the dates, this company works with two Economic Interest Groups (EIGs) in the Mboumba and Galoya regions of northern Senegal. These two EIGs include around 100 women who pick the dates over a farmed area of almost 100 hectares, which is certified organic.

Pfaffia Brésil
Pfaffia in Brazil

Our René Furterer brand uses pfaffia, or Brazilian Ginseng, in our anti-hair loss hair care ranges. For its supply, the brand is developing a dual commitment in Brazil (social and environmental). It is a primarily social commitment, as it undertakes to only work with small local producers (belonging to the Querência de Norte – ASPAG organization) to improve their standard of living and help stabilize the rural fabric. However, it is also an environmental commitment as, by organically farming Pfaffia, René Furterer undertakes not to resort to wild harvesting and therefore helps combat deforestation and protect local plant resources.

Guaranteeing the quality of our natural-origin key ingredients

champ de bleuet

Growing the plants we use in our products ourselves is the most direct way to guarantee full traceability, and we can cultivate more than ten medicinal and aromatic plants each year on our 180 ha of farm land.

fournisseur de plante au Brésil

When we do not cultivate the plants ourselves directly, we require full traceability for our batches of plants. For this reason, our suppliers of plants for pharmaceutical uses are audited at least every 4 years.

usine d'extraction Gaillac

Each plant and active ingredient is checked at each stage of the manufacturing process. In our plant extraction unit, on average, 6 checks are performed for each plant used in dermo-cosmetics and 20 are performed for the plants used in pharmaceuticals.

paysage d'Avène

To manage the quality of Avène thermal spring water, we have established a series of partnerships with local players for the whole catchment area (Haut Languedoc Regional National Park, Regional Forest Property Center, Hérault Bird Protection League, etc.).

champ d'Hélichryse
Organic helichrysum, for high-quality essential oil

Grown by our Naturactive brand, helichrysum is cultivated on our own organic farm land and distilled just after harvesting at the edge of the field. From field to product - full traceability!

We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.