Melanoma Awareness Month – We Have Your Back

25 April 2023

Malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer that starts and develops in cells known as melanocytes – these cells are found in the upper layer of the skin and produce a pigment called melanin, giving skin its colour. i
Melanoma, although less common than other skin cancers, is more dangerous because it grows and spreads quickly to other parts of the body if undetected and not treated early.i,ii
Paying attention to your skin is important for detecting melanoma early, when it is most likely to be cured. iii,iv

Any delay in melanoma diagnosis increases the risk of cancer progressing, potentially from curable to incurable. v

Anyone can suffer from melanoma, but it is more commonly reported among light-skinned populations, partly attributable to decreased photoprotection from reduced melanin.ii,vi

Recognising the signs and symptoms of melanoma is important for early detection, diagnosis and improved treatment outcomes.vii

Skin cancer can develop anywhere on the body; in places we cannot see and would not expect.viii

Whilst sun-exposed skin is most at risk, unusual changes to skin can also develop in areas that are usually protected from the sun (soles of feet, between fingers and toes, back and inner surfaces of the mouth).iii,viii

2023 Melanoma check @Pierre Fabre
2023 Melanoma ask for help @Pierre Fabre

Both self-evaluation and examination by others (including friends, family, or a doctor), are important for checking all areas of your skin for signs of melanoma.iii

We Have Your Back Campaign

This year, Pierre Fabre is launching a new campaign entitled ‘We Have Your Back’. 

This Melanoma Awareness Month, we want to share with our community an inclusive, yet unexpected way to check for skin cancer, encouraging skin cancer awareness and looking for signs early.

Our #WeHaveYourBack campaign encourages everyone to:

  • Be aware of skin changes 
  • Be aware they may be in places you can’t see
  • Be aware they may be in areas that don’t get sun

Sharing the message that you don’t have to be as flexible as a contortionist to check for skin cancer - be flexible in more ways than one; let others check for you #WeHaveYourBack.

If you notice any changes, speak to your doctor about any signs that concern you.


2023 Melanoma we have your back



Skin cancer, it could be right in front of you…or behind you #WeHaveYourBack 


Beyond Melanoma Awareness Month 

Our dedication and support for the skin cancer community extends beyond melanoma awareness month. As a skin expert company with considerable expertise in oncology, dermatology and dermo-cosmetics, we are uniquely positioned to fight skin cancers from multiple perspectives. 

Guided by our three pillars of care—PREVENT, TREAT and SUPPORT—our United Against Skin Cancers programme is an extensive global initiative that brings together solutions from across our franchises committed to skincare, to win the battle against skin cancers.

Join Us and Show Your Support to The Melanoma Community

Get involved in Melanoma Awareness Month! Show your support and show your support to the melanoma community this May by liking, sharing and commenting on our social posts.



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