Avène supports the action of the "belle & bien" Association

October 7, 2013

The Eau Thermale Avène brand is supporting "belle & bien", an association which sponsors the cosmetic industry, in order to help women undergoing cancer treatment.

For more than 10 years, the Eau Thermale Avène brand has been committed to help women with cancer by means of partnerships with hospitals, by organising beauty care workshops but also by welcoming patients to the Station thermale Avène.(Avène Hydrotherapy Centre). Following up these actions, Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmétique wanted the brand to be involved in the "belle et bien" programme to broaden this approach in order to provide support for a larger number of patients.

The "belle & bien" Association is the French section of "look good feel better", the only international programme under the initiative of the cosmetic industry. This programme is currently deployed in 25 countries and now offers support to more than 1,500,000 women with cancer throughout the world. In France, the association has enabled almost 15,000 women to regain their confidence and self-esteem. More than 1,500 workshops with two hours of beauty care and make-up have been organised, during which 160,000 products were distributed.