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Taking charge of our health, every day

Preventing and caring for everyday ailments

Pierre Fabre Health Care
Preventing, relieving and treating everyday ailments

Pierre Fabre HEALTH CARE  Family in good health

Pierre Fabre Health Care alongside us every day

We take care of the world around us by offering men, women and children the opportunity of leading better, healthier lives

Our specialism? treating the everyday ailments of families around the world.

In association with health care professionals and patient associations, we help families to prevent, relieve and treat everyday illnesses by enabling them to take charge of their health by treating the symptoms themselves.

Our ambition? To help everyone to live better and age well. Our brand ranges Drill, Dexeryl, Nicopass, NicopatchLib, Cicatryl, Carbolevure, Structum, PediRelax, etc. can be used on a daily basis to make it happen.


monthly training courses on how to stop smoking


of partnerships with patient associations


pharmacists trained per year in the Therapeutic Education of Atopic Patients

Committed alongside women

Pierre Fabre HEALTH CARE Moublipa Contraception

Moublipa will never let you forget your pill!

Information for patients on usage is a major family health issue. This is why the Pierre Fabre Group has developed a mobile app called “Moublipa” to make sure that contraceptives are taken as prescribed.