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Caring for the skin

8 expert brands to feel good about yourself

Eau Thermale Avène
Soothing by nature


Avène Thermal Spring Water in short

Avène Dermatological Laboratories offer a range of treatments specially developed for sensitive skin, and recommended by dermatologists. Avène Thermal Spring Water, with a unique biological and mineral heritage, whose efficacy has been demonstrated in more than 150 scientific studies, is at the heart of all our products. This remarkable water

is used at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center for its soothing, anti-irritant and softening properties in the treatment of skin pathologies.
The brand is also involved in social responsibility initiatives such as Skin Protect, Ocean Respect and the Eau Thermale Avène Skin Cancer Foundation.



countries in which the brand's treatments can be found


years that the properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water have been recognized


publications in international medical journals



The Skin Protect, Ocean Respect initiative

The brand's sun care products have been formulated to protect the skin and to minimize the impact on the environment, by reducing the number and concentration of sun filters and by improving the biodegradability of the formulas. In partnership with Pur Projet, Avène Dermatological Laboratories is also participating in the regeneration of coral reefs and conservation of the marine ecosystem.

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As naturally unique as your fragile skin

champ d'avoine

A-Derma in short

Rooted in science and nature, and naturally caring, A-DERMA is the hygiene and treatment brand with Rhealba® dermatological Oat which protects and cares for all fragile skin types

to bring them comfort every day.

Since 1982, A-DERMA has been cultivating transparency, sincerity and commitment in each of its actions, from the Oat seed to skin texture.



years of Dermatological expertise


emblematic site, Terre d’Avoine, cradle of the Rhealba® Oat


products dedicated to the care and protection of all fragile skin types


bastide au milieu des champs d'avoine

Terre d'Avoine, the emblematic site of the A-DERMA brand

It is above all a place of cultivation and the cradle of the Rhealba® Oat, with all seeds produced using organic farming methods. Terre d’Avoine is an eco-responsible site, which is committed alongside the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) to promoting bird conservation and helping to preserve and develop nature. Through Terre d’Avoine, A-DERMA has undertaken to follow the national charter that aims to promote biodiversity, ban the use of chemical pesticides and reduce its impact on the environment

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Daily life-changing care

famille ducray trio

Ducray in short

Since 1930, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories has endlessly reinvented itself, always driven to move forward through innovation. Through its dual expertise in skin and hair care, the brand supports patients with skin disorders day after day,

contributing to their well-being. In addition to its commitment to patients, Ducray also considers the environment and climate by offering biodegradable formulas and reducing the ecological footprint.



of products are manufactured at our facilities in France


countries sell Ducray products


the year the brand was founded


enfant qui dort


Ducray explains eczema through a series of articles to help you improve the way you understand and live with this pathology, which affects 1 billion people worldwide. Eczema is a skin condition that can arise at any age. It is a very common pathology and ultimately relatively benign, so the general public has...

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Pierre Fabre Dermatologie
Because the skin is a vital organ, its health is precious to us

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Pierre Fabre Dermatologie in short

For more than 30 years, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie has been committed to developing and marketing prescription drugs to treat skin diseases, allowing it to become a major international player in medical dermatology.
Our research is thus dedicated to the development of future prescription drugs

in pediatric dermatology, dermato-oncology and rare diseases. The success of Pierre Fabre Dermatologie is based on listening to dermatologists and health care professionals at all times (to provide them with numerous services such as prescription assistance tools, and high-quality medical information).



medical specialist dermatology products marketed in 84 countries


on the French market


major therapeutic areas: pediatric dermatology, onco-dermatology, rare diseases

Advice Corner

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How can we help adolescents treat acne?

Simple, moderate or severe, although acne is often associated with adolescents, that does not mean it is easy to live with. So, if your adolescent has pimples, be aware that it is normal and can be treated... Provided that they are actively involved in their treatment and commit to following a...

The soul of botany

champs bleuets

Klorane in short

For more than 50 years, KLORANE has been taking care of you while also caring for nature. Every day we make a commitment to cultivate it with respect, to preserve its resources, and to reveal its beneficial properties in botanical care products

that are mostly created in France.
We promise to share our expertise via our foundation, and to be the soul of botany, today and tomorrow, throughout the world.



of botanical expertise


from the cornflower fields to our production site in South-West France


traceability for our plant-based active ingredients


cupuacu gamme klorane beurre cupuacu


A true treasure-trove of global biodiversity, the Amazon rainforest is home to more than 16,000 different plant species. Among these, only one can lay claim to the flattering name “jewel of the forest”: Cupuaçu. Everything about the Cupuaçu plant is generous: the trees can reach a height of 20 m and bear enormous brown fruits, weighing up to four kilos, directly on the trunk. Inside these beans that resemble cocoa beans, hides a creamy, scented pulp used in the manufacturing of Brazil's favorite juices, sorbets, jellies and cakes.
This tree is also a fabulous solution against deforestation in Brazil: Greenpeace estimates that in Brazil alone almost 900 trees are still felled every minute. By promoting agroforestry methods of cultivating the Cupuaçu tree, with other plants such as the Acai and the Acerola, small-scale farmers are committing to a virtuous cycle which stabilizes and regenerates the soil, and enables them to diversify resources.