Acting alongside patients

Helping improve quality of life

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The explosion in chronic illnesses and cancers, in addition to the rise in risk factors linked to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, reinforces the need for long-term support and preventive action as early as possible.

The Pierre Fabre Group has been providing support to health care professionals for years and takes action alongside patients, giving them the possibility to play a more active role in caring for their health or treating their illnesses.

This commitment alongside health care professionals and patients is honored through:

  • Our company foundation: The Eczema Foundation
  • Support in setting up regional health care projects
  • Fighting against a sedentary lifestyle with Adapted Physical Activity (APA) health care programs

Eczema Foundation

The Pierre Fabre Group corporate foundation

Because eczema is one of the most common skin conditions, because it significantly lowers the quality of life for millions of children and their families, and because much research is still required to unravel all the mysteries.



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Acting to lighten the load of illness

Eczema Foundation is a Pierre Fabre Group corporate foundation dedicated to atopic eczema. Since 2004, it has been working to provide patients and families with information on the condition and its treatment, to lighten the load.

Eczema Foundation sets up partnerships with health care professionals to develop therapeutic education initiatives worldwide.

Fondation Dermatite Atopique POP Training

Training health care professionals

Since October 2018, Eczema Foundation has been offering pharmacy teams training in better patient treatment, via the 6 PPP Training* modules available online.

*Patient Pharmacy Path

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Thanks to the people who created this foundation. All our questions are answered. Contact is immediate. It has been a great help.

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