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Innovation and Partnerships

Pierre Fabre, a Group always open to partnerships involving the development of new therapeutic or dermo-cosmetic solutions. Discover our passion for open innovation!

Partnerships which change
the game

Array Biopharma

Array BioPharma

November 16, 2015: an international partnership was signed with the American biotech Array BioPharma to develop and market a combination of two new molecules in the field of oncology. After positive results from clinical studies, the new prescription drug was launched. A big step for patients with advanced melanoma, and new hope for patients in other indications with the ongoing pursuit of promising clinical studies.

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MÊME Cosmetics

January 9, 2018: Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics and the young start-up MÊME Cosmetics signed a partnership. The two partners combined their talents to improve quality of life for women on anti-cancer drugs by offering them adapted beauty treatments. A human alliance founded on the same high standards and the same desire to listen to patients and take a patient-centric approach.

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Searching (further), innovating (better)



Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals devotes around 15% of its revenue to R&D in oncology, medical dermatology, family health and oral health. This involves taking a substantial risk, which, going far beyond good intentions, is an indication of our desire to offer new therapeutic solutions to patients and their doctors.


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Hydration, reactive skin, pigmentation, sun protection, hair biology, epidermal aging… More than 200 employees work on research every day at Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics. Their purpose: to push boundaries in the understanding of the skin and hair to offer innovative dermo-cosmetic solutions.


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360° innovation

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Offering more than products

Artificial intelligence, connected objects, e-health, e-beauty, intelligent cosmetics.... With digital technology, new avenues of innovation are open to the Pierre Fabre Group to enable it to meet consumer and patient needs even more effectively.

explorer des idées neuves

Exploring new ideas

Developing creativity and a scientific mindset, encouraging collective intelligence and kindling a desire for entrepreneurship.... The Pierre Fabre Group invites co-creation in the fields of health and beauty. It regularly organizes “hackathons” and challenges in which Pierre Fabre employees mingle with students, researchers and startuppers. 

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Digitalizing our recruitment process

Attend a recruitment interview where you want, when you want... expectations are changing, as are our HR practices. Since Pierre Fabre launched prerecorded video interviews, hundreds of candidates have already presented themselves in the best possible light.

We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.