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A pro-active ethics policy to guide our relations with our stakeholders on a daily basis

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We never compromise the quality and safety of our products. We are wholly convinced that the ethics that govern our business must undergo the same rigor. As a responsible health care player, we do all we can to ensure the behavior of our employees is exemplary, everywhere in the world.

A code of ethics based on daily practices

The Pierre Fabre Group's ethics policy is coordinated by an Ethics and Compliance Director, and an Ethics Committee was set up in 2014.

The cornerstone of our ethics policy is the Group's Ethics Charter, which was deployed in 2015 and translated into 18 languages. This document was created to describe the rules applicable to all employees, to ensure they are in a position to act responsibly and make sound decisions in the framework of their day-to-day duties and work. Therefore, in addition to complying with the law, this Charter must help every employee to exercise good professional judgment and adopt the appropriate ethical behavior, to reflect our vision and values, as we continually strive to achieve sustainable development.

As a member of various professional organizations in health care and beauty in France (LEEM, FEBEA, SNITEM, SYNADIET, UDA, etc.) and Europe (Cosmetics Europe, EFPIA, etc.), we have signed up to all their best practices. The Pierre Fabre Group is also represented within the French Committee for Ethics and Vigilance for Pharmaceutical Companies under the College of Industrialists composed of 3 members. As such, we participate actively in the drafting of new recommendations on responsible practices.

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The Pierre Fabre Group is characterized by a strong culture forged by our founder, Pierre Fabre, and has always been based on the values of rigor, integrity, responsibility, citizenship and respect for humans and the environment.

Pierre-Yves Revol
Chairman, Pierre Fabre Group

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