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Caring for Hair

4 iconic brands at your side, day by day

The soul of botany

Klorane - presentation

Klorane in short

For more than 50 years, KLORANE has been taking care of you while also caring for nature.

Every day we make a commitment: to cultivate it with respect, to preserve its resources, and to reveal its beneficial properties in botanical care products

that are mostly created in France.

We promise to share our expertise via our foundation, and to be the soul of botany, today and tomorrow, throughout the world.


Focus on Klorane Botanical Foundation

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To cultivate the passion for botany

Klorane Botanical Foundation, founded in 1994, is a Pierre Fabre Laboratories company foundation which aims to promote our plant heritage. Through its involvement in various programs (Budding Botanist, UNESCO Green Citizens, Botany for Change and more), Klorane Botanical Foundation puts plants back where they deserve to be in our lives and our towns.

René Furterer
The cult of hair

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René Furterer in short

RENÉ FURTERER, a committed pioneer of hair treatments and an expert in essential oils, has created the perfect alchemy between highly-effective care products with ultimate sensory appeal and 100% natural-origin key ingredients.

Its hair rituals immerse you in a voyage for the senses. Rediscover innovative formulas with creamy textures, attractive colors and divine fragrances, rich in 100% natural-origin essential oils


How should you take care of color-treated hair?

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Damaged by chemicals, color-treated hair needs treatment to repair its substance and to reveal the richness of its color. Opt for certain key treatment steps to enhance and maintain the unique radiance of each color.

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Daily life-changing care

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Ducray in short

Since 1930, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories has endlessly reinvented itself, always driven to move forward through innovation. Through its dual expertise in skin and hair care, the brand supports patients with skin disorders day after day,

contributing to their well-being. In addition to its commitment to patients, Ducray also considers the environment and climate by offering biodegradable formulas and reducing the ecological footprint


Advice Corner

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How can we fight the effects of aging hair?

As we grow older, so does our hair. To keep hair shiny, thick and beautiful, it should be treated with specific anti-aging hair products.
Hair aging begins at around 35 years of age and is visible on average 15 years later. With age, the life cycles of ...

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Prescribed by 7 out of 10 dermatologists

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Darrow Laboratório in a nutshell

For over 40 years, Darrow Laboratório is the specialist in dermatological care in Brazil. A pioneer brand, first to launch antiseptic soaps. Today, Darrow is one of the most prescribed brands by Brazilian dermatologists.

Darrow's mission is to bring to a larger number of people the best of dermatological care through simple, but highly effective treatments, developed following the highest international pharmaceutical standards. 

Dermo-energizing active ingredients, recognized for their dermatological efficacy, are present in all Darrow products, with the aim of preserving the health and well-being of the skin’s face, body and hair.

Darrow Laboratories: prescribed by 7 out of 10 Brazilian dermatologists


Dandruff: a chronic worldwide concern that impact quality of life

Itching, redness and scaling scalp are the most common symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, better known as dandruff.

Dandruff can occur when the skin cycle renewal speeds up and can be aggravated by some factors, such as cold weather, stress....

In order to have a quick relief, the use of high concentrated antidandruff shampoos is the better solution.

Doctar is a the market leader antidandruff range in Brazil that brings results since first application.

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We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.