Digital Innovation: Taking Care, Living Better

Artificial intelligence, connected objects, e-health, Beauty Tech, e-beauty and more.... The digital revolution is opening up new innovation channels for Pierre Fabre in the fields of health and beauty.

Pierre Fabre Innovation 360
As time goes on, health and beauty needs are constantly changing and becoming more complex. And that is exactly why we need to come up with innovative responses. To achieve our goal, we stay true to our founder’s vision: to pool our knowledge and resources for the benefit of our patients and customers.

Sharing to improve the way we innovate

At Pierre Fabre, innovation is a collective exercise and reflects a sharing approach in line with our founder’s vision: pool our in-house creativity and combine it with external technological resources and a business-wide, multi-disciplinary approach at Group level, for the benefit of patients and consumers. This approach, based on partnership and open innovation, means that new therapeutic and cosmetic solutions are brought to market more quickly.


100% Digital, 100% Human: the Digital Innovation 

To develop digital innovation in the health care and dermo-cosmetics sectors, as well as within the company’s own support functions, Pierre Fabre group launched the Digital Innovation in 2015, a team whose top priority is to accelerate projects in the field of e-health, connected cosmetics and Industry 4.0.
This in-house service is a privileged partner of the brands that make up the Pierre Fabre Group, but it is also a key stakeholder in local innovation ecosystems.
Through an in-house incubation program, the Digital Innovation teams are focusing on digital service-based innovations within the fields of health and dermocosmetics. They are also looking at initiatives to optimize our processes and business lines in the age of Industry 4.0.

The world's first smart mirror

In partnership with startups with Care OS and Revieve, late 2019 saw Pierre Fabre launch a smart mirror capable of personalized skin diagnosis. This new and revolutionary tool is available for use, free of charge, to visitors of Le LAB, Pierre Fabre's concept store that opened in Toulouse, France, at the end of 2019.

Digital analysis of your skin to find the best skincare routine for you? The smart mirror developed by Pierre Fabre and its partners now makes that possible. 


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Skin care becomes child's play thanks to the Metavers - Avèneland

Metaverse by launching Avèneland, a virtual world to help the younger generations.  Developed on the Roblox video game platform, Avèneland invites you to plunge into a world where fighting against blue light or acne becomes a unique and fun experience.  

DermaWeb and Oncoguide : two tools for health care professionals.

With its longstanding commitment to building strong relationships with health care professionals, Pierre Fabre Laboratories makes use of digital technology to propose and design services with them for the benefit of their patients. One example is the Dermaweb platform, which brings together almost 16,000 dermatologists. Since 2022, the platform has been offering general practitioners a tele-expertise service called “Skin Diag”: this service allows them to submit photographs of skin lesions to dermatologists and receive an opinion in 48 hours.
Pierre Fabre also develops oncology support tools: launched in 2021, helps pharmacists and their teams offer tailored treatment to cancer patients.

Using AI for skin and hair diagnoses

With its partner Chowis, Pierre Fabre now offers expert skin and scalp diagnostic experiences, accessible at the points of sale of the Group’s partners. You can benefit from a customized and tailored diagnosis, under the trained eyes of a Beauty consultant.

Another e-health solution proposed by the Group is the Selfie Diag. From the comfort of your home, use this online tool to carry out a diagnosis of your skin or hair. A solution developed by our partner Perfect Corp, to identify your skin or hair characteristics in just 3 minutes and receive personalized advice.

We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.