Employee shareholder awards 2016: Pierre Fabre receives the jury’s “coup de cœur” award

16 December 2016

The results of the Award were unveiled yesterday, Wednesday December 14, 2016, at a ceremony chaired by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Michel Sapin. Pierre Fabre Laboratories won the jury’s “Coup de Cœur” Award.

For the 12th consecutive year, the French Federation of Associations of Employee Shareholders (FAS), in partnership with Amundi and Altedia, presented the Employee Shareholder Awards yesterday. A 2016 vintage marked by a record number of candidate companies, all categories combined. Despite tough competition, Pierre Fabre Laboratories distinguished themselves and received the jury’s “Coup de Cœur” Award.

Note that the Group received the Award in 2012 as one of three awards.

A special award that commends an original and consistent company structure

This special award honors the continuity and dynamism of Pierre Fabre’s employee shareholder plan.

For the last 11 years, Group employees have been highly involved in corporate performance via an employee shareholder plan known as “the Ruscus Plan” - taken from the name of a little plant that grows in the Tarn woodland undergrowth and whose virtues, as studied by Mr. Pierre Fabre, gave rise to the Group's first drug, Cyclo3, in 1961. Alongside the Pierre Fabre Foundation, a government-recognized public-interest organization, employees are the only shareholders of the Group and therefore contribute to its independence.

The employee shareholder plan for Pierre Fabre Laboratories is rolled out in France and seven other European countries, with Poland joining in 2016. By 2018, the plan will be extended to three new countries, including Mexico in 2017.

Members of the jury also commended the business economics training, which since 2012 has taken the form of a serious game with interactive training for each new employee of the Group.

The second largest group of shareholders? The Group’s employees

Today, the employee shareholders form the second largest group of shareholders after the Pierre Fabre Foundation. More than 90% of Pierre Fabre employees are thus shareholders.

Our employee shareholder plan is a concrete outcome of the economic and social project that we have been consistently carrying out over the past 40 years. Through this project, I wanted to give all employees the chance to become a true partner in the business while enabling them to build up personal wealth as well as contribute towards the Group’s independence and long-term future.

Mr. Pierre Fabre, November 2012

This “Coup de Cœur” Award primarily rewards the 150 volunteer leaders who meet with their colleagues every year to present the employee shareholder plan. As a result of this commitment and with the support of specific training in business economics, more than 90% of Pierre Fabre employees are shareholders in the eight European countries where the plan is now rolled out. After Poland in 2016, Mexico will in turn join our Ruscus Plan that Mr. Pierre Fabre launched in 2005 and we are delighted that it has been recognized again by the FAS.

Mr. Thierry Denjean, Senior Vice-President for Human Resources, Ethics and Sustainable Development, December 14, 2016.