Grand Prix de l’actionnariat-salarié: Pierre Fabre scoops three awards

November 23, 2012

Pierre Fabre Laboratories received three awards today at the 2012 edition of the Grand Prix de l’actionnariat-salarié (Employee Shareholder Awards):

  • Grand Prix de l'actionnariat-salarié des sociétés non cotées (Employee Shareholder Award for Non-Listed Companies)
  • Grand Prix de la qualité de l'information et de la formation des actionnaires-salariés (Award for Excellence in Employee Shareholder Information and Training)
  • Grand Prix des Présidents d'associations (Association Chairman Award) (jointly with the company, Essilor)


These Awards are organized by the Fédération française des associations d'actionnaires‐salariés et anciens salariés (or FAS; the French Federation of Associations of Employee Shareholders and Former Employees) in partnership with the social strategy consultancy firm, Alixio (chaired by Raymond Soubie), and the Actionaria trade fair, which is dedicated to the stock market and financial investments. Established in 2003, it gives recognition to listed and non-listed companies that offer their staff the opportunity to take part in long-term employee shareholder schemes of a particularly innovative nature. For the first time this year, there were two Panels of Judges: on the one hand, a Panel of Experts appointed by the FAS made up of leading figures in the fields of employee savings schemes, employee shareholding and financial management; on the other, a Panel of Chairmen made up of chairmen of employee shareholder associations that are members of the FAS.

By presenting these awards to the Pierre Fabre Group, the two Panels chose to shine a spotlight on its particularly ambitious employee shareholder scheme that was first launched in France in 2005 and has since been progressively rolled out to the company’s European subsidiaries. In the countries in which the scheme operates, more than 9 out of every 10 employees are shareholders and together they hold 6.9% of the company's share capital. The overall aim of the scheme, as laid out from the outset by Mr. Pierre Fabre himself, is to gradually reach a 10% stake.

Our employee shareholder scheme is a concrete outcome of the economic and social project that we have been consistently carrying out over the past 40 years, declared Mr. Pierre Fabre, the company’s founding President. Through this project, I wanted to give all employees the chance to become a true partner in the business while enabling them to build up personal wealth as well as contribute towards the group’s independence and long-term future. We are delighted today to see our initiative being recognized in this way by the FAS, which brings together key players in the area of employee shareholding in France.

To quote Christophe Latouche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the FCPE (Fonds Commun de Placement d’Entreprise – Company Employee Mutual Fund), he highlighted that this scheme, which has been a major success since its launch in 2005, has served to bring employees together within the company. I would also add that, in the current uncertain economic climate, it is more important than ever for employees to be given the opportunity to make informed investment decisions by providing them with the necessary training and information.

A network of 150 trainers, who are company employee volunteers, work to promote the scheme on a regular basis through presentations of the company’s strategy and its financial results during briefing meetings. In addition, in fulfillment of the group’s employee shareholder charter, all company employees receive training in business economics on an annual basis. In 2012, this training took the form of an innovative serious game (an interactive online business game), which aroused a great deal of interest among staff.