Sustainable development

Klorane Botanical Foundation and the pathfinders for change exhibit at the UN headquarters

March 4, 2016

Klorane Botanical Foundation is one of the founding partners alongside UNESCO and Sipa Press for the UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS program “Become a Pathfinder for Change”, whose traveling photographic exhibition highlights the stories of men and women who make a daily contribution to education on sustainable development.

Pierre Fabre and Klorane Botanical Foundation: pathfinders for change

UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS covers eight emblematic educational projects for Sustainable Development and 25 portraits.
It includes the Great Green Wall project in Senegal supported by Klorane Botanical Foundation since 2012, in partnership with the CNRS, and which aims to combat desertification in the Sahel. Over six years, 60,000 desert date trees have been planted.

New York: the third stop for the traveling exhibition

After the UNESCO headquarters external fences in October 2015 and inside the Climate Train during COP21, the exhibition can now be discovered at the United Nations headquarters in New York, from February 19 to April 17, 2016.

An awareness campaign without borders

This international educational campaign on sustainable development aims to share best practice and reveal initiatives developed the world over.

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