MATWIN and Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation strengthen their partnership to boost the development of innovative projects in oncology

May 9, 2016

Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation, an Open Innovation initiative launched by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, and MATWIN*, a nationwide program dedicated to identifying and supporting early oncology projects with a market potential, strengthen their collaboration ahead of the upcoming MEET2WIN Oncology Business Convention.

Created and hosted by MATWIN, the MEET2WIN Business Convention, which is entirely dedicated to open innovation and collaborative research in oncology, will be held on May 12th and 13th in Bordeaux, France. More than 200 participants involved in the oncology innovation cycle (large groups, biotech companies, startups, as well as project initiators, researchers and fundraisers) are expected to attend, meet and forge new collaborations.

A partner of MATWIN since 2014, the Pierre Fabre Group will expand its contribution to this year’s MEET2WIN Convention. As such, several high potential research projects in oncology and onco-dermatology that have been pre-selected by MATWIN will be evaluated by the Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation. If selected and a partnership signed, these projects will benefit from the support and expertise of the Pierre Fabre Group across the spectrum of R&D activites and/orfrom financial support for their project in order to advance through the clinic and to significant value inflexion points. The MEET2WIN Convention will offer project bearers, pre-selected by MATWIN, an opportunity to meet executives from Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation and submit their applications directly to them.   

Biotech entrepreneurs in oncology and onco-dermatology can expect a highly collaborative interaction with us in order to advance projects in the most efficient manner across the product development steps.. This collaboration between MATWIN and Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation falls into Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals’ R&D strategy to forge partnerships with external parties showing a real potential for delivering highly differentiated medicines to patients, said Laurent Audoly, Head of R&D Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals and Managing Partner of the Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation.   

We want to offer true flexibility to our partners, without forcing them to follow a set pattern. We are willing to take risks on projects that are still at a very early stage of the innovation process. The whole purpose of strengthening our ties with MATWIN is to identify projects of interest, said Vincent Serra, Operating Manager of the Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation.

This new partnership with Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation offers additional opportunities for project applications to MATWIN. It will expand the expertise and support we provide at an early stage, allowing the most promising projects to boost the development of their solutions for unmet medical needs, commented Robert Lucia, CEO of MATWIN.