Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics establishes an affiliate in Korea

April 23, 2013

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics (PFDC) opened its Korean affiliate in early February and began its commercial activity at the end of March. As well as retailing its Avène, Ducray and A-Derma brand products, PFDC intends to contribute to the overall development of dermo-cosmetics in Korea, becoming involved with public health initiatives through organizations such as the Atopic Dermatitis Foundation.

Since 2002, PFDC has been retailing Avène, Ducray and A-Derma brand products in the Korean market through the partner distributer Yuhan Corporation. When this distribution contract reached its term in December 2012, PFDC decided to create an affiliate with the aim of bolstering its commercial business, but also of contributing to the development of dermo-cosmetics in Korea.

Korean consumers are becoming more and more demanding, especially in terms of effectiveness, but also safety,” underlined Soeun Park, Vice President of PFDC Korea, during the launch of the affiliate. “Our primary objective is to better understand their expectations and needs, in order to inform and advise them on the products that are suited to their specific requirements. There is now real potential for development in dermo-cosmetics in Korea. As a forerunner in this field, we are giving ourselves the means to contribute to this market evolution.

PFDC Korea will also be involved in public health actions with the creation of an Atopic Dermatitis Foundation in Korea. The objective is to help patients and their families better understand and treat this disease.