Pierre Fabre, it's quite a story

February 2, 2015

On October 31st, Éditions Privat published the book "Histoire des Laboratoires Pierre Fabre" (History of Pierre Fabre Laboratories), written by Hervé Penan, Professor of Management at Université Toulouse-Capitole.

Subtitled "Innovating, from health to beauty", this academic work takes the reader on a journey to discover events spanning six decades which led to the creation of the Pierre Fabre Group.

The story of Pierre Fabre Laboratories began with a small-town pharmacy. Mr. Pierre Fabre embarked on an endeavor to develop plant-based products – drugs, family healthcare solutions and dermo-cosmetic products, all derived from the plant kingdom. Research work was undertaken, a production facility was created, networks of medical sales representatives were deployed... And so began the story of Pierre Fabre Laboratories – a story steeped in rigor, and one of innovation, from health to beauty.

The book is organized chronologically, and traces the history of the Group over the course of five chapters, from the 1950s up to 2010. Each chapter is accompanied by a collection of images.

This book is meant to be read and shared to preserve the memory of our history, and to introduce and explain the specific nature and values of our Group.