Pierre Fabre SA sells its interests in Boiron

November 29, 2012

Since the merger of Boiron with Dolisos in 2005, Pierre Fabre SA had held 15.5% of Boiron’s shares.



Commenting on this transfer, Mr Pierre Fabre stated: "During the merger between Boiron and Dolisos in 2005, I wanted our company to remain a shareholder in all of both companies in order to allow Boiron to grow in a stable and amicable shareholder framework".


The partners therefore gave themselves two objectives:

- accelerate the international development of Boiron,

- increase investment in R&D in order to boost development in homeopathy.


Boiron currently generates 45% of its turnover abroad and has multiplied its R&D budget by 5. As the initial objectives have been achieved, it is only natural that Pierre Fabre withdraws itself from Boiron’s capital today.