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Spreading the word on our expertise: the Pierre Fabre group's new corporate communication campaign

14 November 2018

The Pierre Fabre group is launching its new corporate communication campaign on November 12. It includes an advertorial and five radio spots focusing on a central message – “I trust Pierre Fabre” – a simple phase that makes sense in a general climate of consumer mistrust in all institutions.

With this campaign, Pierre Fabre highlights its expertise in botany, formulations and pharmaceuticals, its governance model – unique in France – and its environmental policy.

Pierre Fabre communicates on its expertise and its commitment to products “Made in France.”

A communication campaign aimed at the general public to promote the Group's expertise and its commitment to its brands and to manufacturing in France began on Monday, November 12, 2018 and will continue until the end of the month. The campaign is mainly taking place on French radio station Europe 1 – with five prime-time spots from Monday to Friday – and on the Group's social networks. In addition, a four-page special supplement will be included with French magazine Paris Match's November 15 issue entitled “Pierre Fabre, La nature pour inspiration” (Pierre Fabre, inspired by nature). 

Read the advertorial (in French) - Paris Match - “Pierre Fabre, la nature pour inspiration

I trust Pierre Fabre

Four of the five radio spots, designed as interviews with Pierre Fabre employees, focus on the group's expertise in botany, naturalness and safety, as well as its local presence. These testimonials aim to reassure consumers and strengthen their trust in Pierre Fabre group brands.


A fifth spot is devoted to the Group's independence and the fact it belongs to the Pierre Fabre Foundation, recognized as a public-interest foundation by the French State. This set-up is unique in French industry and constitutes an additional asset at a time when the majority of consumers are harboring doubts about the ethics and objectives of businesses.

In addition to this media campaign, the Pierre Fabre group participated at the trade fair Salon du Made in France for the second consecutive year, on November 10, 11 and 12 at Porte de Versailles in Paris. This year, the group offered visitors a chance to (re)discover its brands through workshops for a “Pierre Fabre experience”.