Cytotoxic, ADC and injectables units

Pau 1


Our Pau site is dedicated to the manufacture of injectable products with a high level of added value.

Pau 2


 Aquitaine Pharm International 2 is designed to handle either cyctotoxic freeze dried molecules or solvent based manufacturing products in liquid or freeze dried form

Pierre Fabre Research and Development Center


Located at the Toulouse Oncopole Campus, the Pierre Fabre Research and Development Center houses an outstanding oncological research center. It combines on one site the teams and equipment required for the development and production of new molecules.

Pierre Fabre Immunology Center


Dedicated to the fight against cancer and specialized in targeted biotherapy research, the Pierre Fabre Immunology Center, located at Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France), near Geneva, is focused on research into monoclonal antibodies for use in oncology and the production of biotechnological active substances.