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Eau Thermale Avène hits a billion euros in turnover, and strengthens its medical positioning.

26 January 2024

Toulouse, January 23, 2024 - Eau Thermale Avène, committed to advancing dermatology and improving the management of all skin conditions since 1990, becomes the first Pierre Fabre Laboratories brand to reach one billion euros in turnover. Supported by an international network of 80,000 prescribers, 130 million units of Avène products were sold in 2023. The brand's momentum is on display both in France, where the brand is leader in the pharmacy channel*, and in the 115 international markets that accounted for 77% of its revenues in 2023. Eau Thermale Avène is now one of the "billionaire brands" on the global cosmetics market.

Acclaimed for its dermatological expertise, and inspired by therapeutic know-how, le Laboratoire Dermatologique Eau Thermale Avène markets 180 dermo-cosmetic products, including the iconic INTENSE PROTECT 50+ sun protection, CICALFATE skin repair range and the THERMAL SPRING WATER SPRAY, with one spray sold every second worldwide.

Achieving turnover of one billion euros is a major milestone for a brand and its teams. It also gives us the opportunity to highlight that we have always been guided by a "medical" mission that underpins our commitment purpose to caring for skin conditions. Our skin care ranges such as SUNSIMED, COMEDOMED and ROSAMED can support or even limit the use of medicinal treatment. In 2024, we plan to strengthen this medical focus and develop the most innovative dermo-cosmetic products on the market.

Eau Thermale Avène Brand Director

In 2024, Eau Thermale Avène intends to push ahead with its dermatological mission by launching several innovations in the management of three skin conditions: visible scars and their repair, acne and its psychological impact on patients, and sun protection for the prevention of skin cancers.

Our affiliation with Pierre Fabre Laboratories and the clinical studies we conduct at the Avène hydrotherapy center, gives us an edge in understanding patients and their dermatoses. We are committed to upholding this medical approach by continuing to improve the health and quality of life of all those affected by skin disorders. In addition to launching new strategic products in 2024, we aim to introduce care protocols that combine medication and dermo-cosmetics, a breakthrough approach in the world of dermo-cosmetics.

Dr. Gautier Doat
Eau Thermal Avène Laboratory Medical Director

Eau Thermale Avène brand products are developed in Toulouse, between the Pierre Fabre innovation center, located on the Oncopole campus, and the skin research center at Hôtel-Dieu. They are produced at the manufacturing plant in Avène (Hérault), close to the natural spring. The Avène Hydrotherapy Center attracts patients from all over the world for dermatological care programs that have been scientifically and medically proven to be effective. Every year, over 3,000 patients travel to Avène to relieve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, ichthyosis, or the side effects of cancer treatments. All these pathologies have one thing in common: they have a major impact on patient quality of life, and Avène thermal spring water, with its properties recognized by the French National Academy of Medicine since 1874, provides effective, long-lasting relief.

Before coming to Avène, Cohen was really affected by his eczema. Now, he's a totally different little boy, not only in terms of his skin but in his behavior too! Coming to the Avène Hydrotherapy Center changed our lives, not just for him, but for all of us.

That is how Carlee P., mom of 9-year-old Australian Cohen, expresses the benefits of their 3-week stay at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center.

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Pierre Fabre Laboratories is the world's 2nd largest dermo-cosmetics company and the 2nd largest private French pharmaceutical group. Its portfolio includes numerous medical franchises and international brands such as Pierre Fabre Oncologie, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, Ducray, René Furterer, A-DermaMême Cosmetics, Naturactive ,  Elgydium, Inava and Arthrodont.

In 2022, Pierre Fabre Laboratories recorded turnover of €2.7 billion, 69% of which was generated internationally in 120 countries, and invested more than €170 million in R&D.

Historically based in the Occitanie region, and manufacturing 90% of its products in France, Pierre Fabre Laboratories employs nearly 9,600 people worldwide. 

Pierre Fabre Laboratories is 86% owned by the Pierre Fabre Foundation, a recognized public interest foundation since 1999, and secondarily by its employees through an employee shareholding plan.

In 2022, the Group's CSR approach was assessed as "Exemplary" by the independent organization AFNOR Certification for the Engagé RSE (Committed to CSR) label (ISO 26000 standard for sustainable development).

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