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The Pierre Fabre Group offers pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical subcontracting activities (CDMO) which combine a high level of quality, skill and performance.

Our teams of specialists support you in the development and industrialization of your products.

Equipped with a recognized manufacturing base and certified by international health and drug agencies, we provide the full range of our expertise to carry out your projects in the following fields:

  • pharma and non-pharma active ingredients,

  • injectables and monoclonal antibodies,

  • dry forms and non-sterile liquids.

Pharma and non-pharma active ingredients

Drawing on its industrial experience of more than 40 years, Pierre Fabre CDMO offers a complete service which covers the sourcing of raw materials, the industrial production of plant-based, animal-based or synthetic active ingredients, for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutical sectors.
Pierre Fabre CDMO relies on cutting-edge technological and industrial expertise such as extraction, chromatographic purification, chemical synthesis, the production of cytotoxic compounds, plant cell culture and supercritical fluids. It also offers scale-up services through its industrial pilot and guarantees industrial manufacturing in GMP and/or biological conditions.


metric tons of plants extracted each year

Pierre Fabre gaillac industrie

metric tons of animal-based raw materials extracted each year

Pierre Fabre Calendula

active ingredients manufactured routinely

Pierre Fabre gaillac

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