A Passionate Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Advancing Healthcare in Australia

18 June 2024



The script of the video:

•    Could you please introduce yourself?
I'm Emeline Mathieu. I'm 28 years old. I’m a pharmacist from France, and I’ve been an MSL in Australia since almost two years now.

•    What is your professional background before being an MSL? 
Before my current MSL position, I used to be medical advisor for an Italian pharma company, and before that, I was oncology medical project manager within the Pierre Fabre Corporate Medical Affairs team.

•    How would you define the MSL role?
The MSL role aims to build significant scientific relationships with key healthcare professionals for a specific disease in order to help the company understanding any needs that should be answered to improve patient management.

•    What do you like about being an MSL?
I like how different interactions can be depending on the particular healthcare professional profiles as well as insights they can provide. One appointment to another could be totally different. It could be data presentation or educational project discussion, etc.

•    What is the most difficult thing for you about being an MSL?
Maintaining relationships can be challenging when limited new data is released as a product is getting older. So basically keeping the momentum all the way through the lifecycle of a drug.

•    What is the essential quality of an MSL for you?
Being flexible and ready to adapt.

•    What motivates you to get up in the morning as an MSL?
Being an MSL motivates me because it offers daily opportunities to learn and grow from interactions with key opinion leaders and staying informed of the new therapeutic landscape and scientific breakthroughs.

•    What is your most beautiful emotion experienced as an MSL?

•    Any words or advice for someone wanting to become an MSL?
An MSL needs to have strong relationship skills and be willing to work in autonomous manner from everywhere and be ready to adapt to any profile of healthcare professional.


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