Pharmaceutical Lozenges Offer

Manufacturing and supplying of pharmaceutical lozenges



Our Aignan facility is robustly implanted in the pharmaceutical lozenges niche market. It produces a variety of lozenges with different forms and applications: pastilles to soothe and relieve sore throat, cough or colds; lozenges containing flavour modulators, nicotine, etc... The Pierre FABRE CDMO division for Pharmaceutical Lozenges can assist you for the manufacturing and supplying of medicated and herbal lozenges in various sizes and types of packaging. We are engaged to complete projects at a reasonable cost and to deliver expeditiously according to stringent timelines. Our dedication to our clients and their business contributes to a differentiated product capable of competing in both domestic and international markets (European and US markets). 

Quality, Compliance and Environment

We are continuously upgrading the Aignan plant to ensure that it meets the rigorous requirements demanded by both our customers and the international Health Authorities. The site has been regularly inspected by the French (ANSM) and European (EMA) Authorities.

Our quality assurance team and experts provide all necessary elements related to calibration, qualification and process validation, as well as analytical methods, stability studies, training, documentation, management of change control and deviations, cleaning validation of equipments, etc. We operate in full compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP certification). A specific Quality Agreement is established for each customer. The site is equipped with a specific sewage plant for the treatment of lozenges-derived wastewater, in agreement with our strict policy on the respect of environment