Water use

  • More cool air with less water 
    In 2008, the installation of a new cooling system using fog to replace air refrigeration towers made it possible to reduce water use at the Soual (Tarn, France) site by 10%, i.e. 8,000 m3 per year.
  • Optimized cleaning
    By setting up an overall water economy plan with actions such as reusing recent water to wash production vats for the first subsequent washing cycle, our Gien factory has reduced water use by 18% in 5 years, i.e. 34,000 m3.
  • Biotechnology and single-use materials
    At the research site of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, as part of a project to produce monoclonal antibodies, the decision to use single-use materials has made it possible to save 87% of water use compared to conventional procedures that require materials to be washed and sterilized several times.
  • Reuse osmosis water purges
    Since September 2014, our pharmaceutical production unit based in the city of Pau (South of France) has implemented a project to reduce 30 % of the gross water consumption in its production facility of osmosis water. This gain comes by setting recirculation purges to storage tanks when the plant is not in production. This gain is equivalent to 500 m3 per week .

Reducing water consumption on industrial sites and research