The “High-Quality Environmental” (HQE) approach covers the reduction of a building's impacts on the environment based on the optimization of the quality of life for the comfort and health of the user. A management system for operations (quality system) and 14 targets thus define the Environmental Quality of a building (e.g. management of energy, acoustic comfort, etc.).

The expansion of the Soual (Tarn, France) factory, the expansion of the Avène (Hérault, France) factory and the construction of an antibody biotechnology unit at Saint-Julien (Haute-Savoie, France) integrated an experimental HQE approach into their specifications. Our company therefore plays a role in expanding the NF* standard on tertiary buildings - an HQE logistics platform approach from December 2008 - to industrial sites. 

*The NF Mark is a French Mark of compliance, covering aspects such as safety, quality, usage ability and performance.