Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) - Talk About Their Job

10 June 2024

In line with Pierre Fabre Laboratories' vision "Every time we care for a single person, we make the whole world better" the MSL (Medical Science Liaison) role is crucial in enhancing patient care. As a scientific bridge between the medical community and the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the MSL combines pharmaceutical innovation with medical expertise to develop collaboration with healthcare professionals and optimize daily healthcare practices.

The MSL's objectives can be achieved through various missions, including:

  • Medical Education: promoting best practices for up-to-date patient management.
  • Insight Collection: gaining a comprehensive understanding of patient treatment practices, organization, and patient journey.
  • Data Needs Identification and participation to their generation to promote best practices for patient treatment.
  • Support Clinical Development and Real-World Evidence Projects.
  • Understanding patient needs.

Dive into the MSL experience through a series of 10 monthly interviews. The series will share their professional journeys, highlighting the realities and successes they encounter, and provide a glimpse into their commitment to advancing medical care.

Let's start by first discovering the MSL universe with Selina Jansky, Zohra Butt, Emeline Mathieu, Pawel Pedrasik and Miaomiao Zhang.


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