Sustainable development

Reforestation: the power of trees to mitigate climate change

12 December 2016

Through an agroforestry program initiated in 2007, the Pierre Fabre Group confirms its commitment to combat global warming and its determination to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its activities and employees’ travel. Since then, 138,000 trees have been planted in various countries. Here is a close look into the program in Madagascar with a film that will take you to the very heart of the project.

An approach with multiple benefits

The reforestation effort started in Madagascar in 2014 covers 20 hectares and a total of 60,427 trees have been planted. It helps to combat the massive deforestation that plagues the island and to make the local population aware of the importance of biodiversity.
The Group also seeks to offset its greenhouse gas emissions by planting local species or species that adapt well to the local climatic conditions. Therefore, the 3,877 tons of CO2 equivalent offset through this initiative correspond to the following activities: 

  • 2014: equivalent to the industrial production of Javlor® and Navelbine® in 2013, two tropical periwinkle-based cancer drugs (3,605 tons of CO2 equivalent) 
  • 2014: equivalent to the travel of Pierre Fabre Foundation employees (135.1 tons of CO2 equivalent) 
  • 2015: equivalent to the travel of Biodiversity Committee members and Advisory Committee members from Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre (1.8 tons of CO2 equivalent) 
  • 2015: equivalent to the travel related to audits of the Group’s Vegetal Active Ingredients Department (10.56 tons of CO2 equivalent)
  • 2016: equivalent to the travel of Naturactive employees in France to attend annual meetings

The benefits of the agroforestry initiative are concrete and tangible: 

  • 69 full-time, year-round jobs supported by this activity since 2014
  • Conservation of Madagascar’s endemic species: mango, tamarind, baobab, orange, etc.
  • Planting of plant species that create value for the future

An Ecocert - Reforestation and Solidarity certified program since 2014

To ensure that the project perfectly matches the expectations of the inhabitants of the region, reforestation is regularly inspected and certified independently by Ecocert according to the Reforestation and Solidarity standard. The subsidiary has renewed this certification every year since 2014 and 2016 is no exception!

Meet the players who participated in the Madagascar program: