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Developing safe products

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Scientific ethics
for dermo-cosmetics

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Our skin and hair care products are formulated with the same rigor as our prescription drugs

As the inventors of dermo-cosmetics over 50 years ago, we never compromise on the safety of our products and we work with highly qualified teams of toxicologists conducting their thorough assessments.


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Correct dosage of ingredients

At the incorrect dose, anything can be dangerous. This is true for plants, which require sunlight but cannot withstand too much exposure. This is also the case for dermo-cosmetic ingredients, which must be at the correct dosage for risk-free action

A strict
formulation charter

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From the selection of ingredients to the formulation of the product, special attention is paid at each stage.

To earn your trust, we guarantee safe products. To do so, before a product is put on sale, we assess its safety based on three analyses conducted with extreme rigor.


safety assessments on each ingredient, the formula and the packaging


final validations of the formula


systematic checks of ingredients, packaging and products in each batch manufactured

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Every ingredient is required

In life, everything is a question of balance. In the kitchen, a cake requires flour, but also eggs, sugar and so on. For dermo-cosmetics, the same applies: every ingredient is required to make a balanced product.


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We only select high-quality ingredients in accordance with applicable regulations

You may be concerned about the ingredients in our products. Our goal is to provide you with tangible and scientific information on these ingredients to help you better understand them and guide you in your choices.


prohibited ingredients in Europe


preservatives only are used in cosmetics


tests are performed on a Sterile Cosmetics product intended for infants with atopic skin

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Each product has its specific use

Some products are designed to act on the skin and not enter the body. This is the case for cosmetics, which must act on the skin and hair without passing through the skin barrier.

We take care of life by designing and developing innovative solutions inspired by consumers and patients, and contributing to the well-being of everyone from health to beauty.