Press release

Welcome to the pharmacy of the future: green and socially responsible!

19 November 2020


With its “Green and Socially Responsible Pharmacy” project, 
Green Mission Pierre Fabre is supporting pharmacies 
via a new certified approach called THQSE® -
Très Haute Qualité Sociale et Environnementale (Very High Social and Environmental Quality)

Green Mission Pierre Fabre is extending its eco-friendly, socially responsible approach to the final link in its value chain - an extremely important one, vital for building trust in health-related matters: pharmacies.

It’s just a label, what difference does it make?  
The THQSE® label gives meaning to the green color of the caduceus: it aims to establish a new mark of confidence in the pharmacy sector. Whether they are first-time dads looking for best-in-class infant formula or knowledgeable women in their fifties looking for safe, effective dermo-cosmetics, patients and consumers will make an informed decision to head to a certified pharmacy, where they know they’ll find the attentive ear and expertise they expect on the issues that are of increasing concern to them. Meeting consumers’ expectations, being able to provide information and raise awareness - no one is better placed than a pharmacist to push the boundaries when it comes to demanding the highest standards in terms of health and safety. 

A genuine commitmentBased on the premise that “actions speak louder than words”, Green Mission Pierre Fabre and the Primum non nocere® agency have combined their skills and determination with the goal of offering pharmacies the chance to optimize their CSR approach through a practical, pragmatic tool called Primum Office, the first online platform for self-assessing your environmental, economic and social impact, designed to be as closely tailored as possible to the everyday reality of pharmacies and run by experts from within the profession and experts in sustainable development. 
Distinctive feature: a 360° audit of all the essential aspects of CSR, including, for the first time, environmental health. Intentionally demanding, this very concrete audit results in measurable outcomes that are certified by an independent body, SOCOTEC.


3 pioneering pharmacies already certified

Pharmacie du Centre à Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-et-Marne)
Pharmacie de la Tour à Castelginest (Haute Garonne)
Pharmacie de la Lèze à Lézat-sur-Lèze (Ariège)

Target: approximately fifty pharmacies certified by 2022


As public health care stakeholders who contribute to collective well-being, pharmacies, 
just like Pierre Fabre Group, have a role to play in tackling current and future social, 
environmental and health challenges

Florence Guillaume

Green Mission Pierre Fabre Vice President


Nurturing trust among parents

It was important for us to incorporate a social dimension within our Pharmacie de la Tour in Castelginest, focusing on young mothers. With this in mind, we set up a cozy little corner away from the hustle and bustle, so that young moms can come and weigh their newborn, learn how to use a breast pump, and get advice on hygiene and how to care for their baby. The positive outcomes were immediate: moms tend to breastfeed longer, they are more relaxed about dealing with diaper rash and so on, and they feel much more supported during the early months, which can be so stressful.

Pharmacie de la Tour à Castelginest (Haute Garonne)


The 3 stakeholders involved in the THQSE® certification project

Green Mission Pierre FabreLaunched in 2019 by the Pierre Fabre Group, Green Mission is an entity embodying a company-wide drive to promote Naturalness and Eco-responsibility. It brings together all the CSR and sustainable development initiatives to ensure increasingly effective performance at every step in the value chain. 
Since 2012, the Group’s CSR approach has been assessed by an external body according to ISO 26000. In 2015, AFAQ 26 000 (AFNOR Certification) awarded us the “Exemplary” level - a first for a French company employing more than 10,000 people. 
In 2019, Ecocert 26000 (Ecocert Environnement) awarded us the “Excellence” level. 

Primum non nocere® agency
Named in honor of the maxim famously attributed to Hippocrates, “first, do no harm”, Primum non nocere® capitalizes on decades of experience in CSR, OSR and sustainable development. It supports businesses and organizations to develop their Corporate Social Responsibility approach. With solid expertise in the health care sector, the agency provides backing and guidance to clinics and hospitals to help them obtain HAS (France’s independent public health authority) certification and quality labels.

SOCOTEC, the certification body
France’s leading inspection body in the construction industry and a major player in the field of TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification), SOCOTEC is a highly-respected group with solid experience in inspection and certification. For almost 60 years, it has built its reputation as a trusted third-party body in the fields of quality, safety, health and the environment.