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  Club Pharmaweb

Club pharmaweb is a free dermatology training and information website for pharmacists. It aims to assist pharmacists in giving dermatological advice. Its content, which is exclusively scientific, is written by dermatologists.




  Club Dermaweb

Free, ongoing medical training, information, and specialist exchange website on dermatology, exclusively for doctors. The scientific content is entirely written by experts and validated by a scientific committee. Accredited by the FFFCEDV (French Federation for Continuing Education and Evaluation in Dermatology-Venereology), recommended by 15 international learned societies and having received many awards, the site has almost 17,000 subscribers in 150 countries (as at June 2013).




The aim is to assist our distributors in the online sale of PFDC products. Free access to submit a direct, online sales approval request on the website. Once the endorsement has been signed, a password provides access to the catalog section, where images and descriptions of PFDC brands, ranges or products can be downloaded.





If you represent a Naturactive client pharmacy, we invite you to create a professional account and access many services, such as downloading analysis reports on our essential oils, as well as our guides, magazines, and videos.



Klorane Botanical Foundation

Klorane Botanical Foundation provides pharmacists with exclusive publications in a dedicated space. 

It also allows pharmacists to discover educational activities from Klorane Botanical Foundation, and to become a partner by sponsoring one or more classes.



Mon partenaire santé

The Pierre Fabre Laboratories health care division website offers over 300 articles, videos, fact sheets, expert interviews and interactive tests, which have been created and validated by health professionals. They cover 17 themes, including giving up smoking, dental care, and osteoarthritis. The site also allows users to download the app, which provides useful information on the nearest pharmacies (directions, opening hours, and services offered). The My health care partner website offers health care professionals a free way of managing a complete information page for the general public, to promote their establishment.