Atopic dermatitis: International Workshops on Therapeutic Education

May 21, 2014

After the success of the first two Toulouse (2010) and Rome (2011) events – which had already enabled the centers that work with the Foundation to meet and publish two articles on international guidelines – the 3rd conference was held in Athens on May 8 and 9 of this year.

Aimed at health professionals involved in therapeutic education and Foundation partners, this year the event brought together over 200 participants, of which 50 teams from 22 countries, and 21 speakers, all opinion leaders in dermo-pediatrics.

The theme of the event was the diversity of expression and the treatment of atopic dermatitis across the world, and the impact of cultural differences on the therapeutic education of the patient on atopic dermatitis.
The fact that this scientific subject had never been tackled before led the experts to write an article for submission to a peer-reviewed journal and to develop a reference iconography in order to enrich the POscorad diagnostic tool, that should, by the end of the process, become a multiethnic tool.
This 3rd workshop event also provided an opportunity to work on continuous training, which is one of the Foundation's priorities: the afternoons were put aside for practical workshops concerning the psychodynamic aspects linked to therapeutic education.

In addition, a video was made and will be transmitted to 10,000 doctors throughout Europe from the end of May.

All of the presentations were filmed and will be available from September on the Foundation website:

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