Center of Immunology Pierre Fabre: gets a makeover!

24 June 2014

The new website of Pierre Fabre’s center of immunology (CIPF) has gone live.

The Centre d’Immunologie Pierre Fabre (CIPF - Center of Immunology, Pierre Fabre) has published a new version of its website. The content, which has been completely overhauled, presents the latest CIPF research strategies, namely programs focused on naked antibodies and immunoconjugates (antibodies joined to a cytotoxic drug). On this new more modern and interactive version, is a search engine for the center’s publications, and an aerial view and virtual tour of the CIPF and the UBA (Antibody Biotechnology Unit).

The website is primarily aimed at the scientific community and potential partners, showcasing the Center's expertise in biotechnology, notably in the production of clinical batches of antibodies made at the CIPF.

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