Dermatology: a website to support patients with severe acne

July 28, 2014

Pierre Fabre Dermatologie has just put online the website, a complete information platform, referenced and approved by dermatologists for answering patients’ questions and helping those close to them to support them effectively.

The content of the website has been completely produced under the supervision of the "Conseil Scientifique de l’Acné Sévère", formed in 2011 and bringing together expert dermatologists, practicing in both towns and hospitals.

This information platform has been put in place following a CSA Santé survey carried out with the support of Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, which indicated that severe acne can be perceived as a handicap.

Acne affects approximately 80% of adolescents. Among adolescents with acne, 15% present severe acne. Acne also affects adults (women in particular) as 25% of acne sufferers are over 25.
If left untreated, this acne persists. It can have significant consequences on the social life of people affected, with a real psychological impact.

To find out more about the survey conducted by the "Conseil Scientifique de l’Acné Sévère" (in french)